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Lydia and Kevin are both all excited about his big win, until Kevin tells Lydia he plans to call a meeting to discuss the upcoming veto ceremony. Lydia thinks that using the veto should be a no-brainer, and wonders what he's thinking. Kevin DRs that he wants to avoid making enemies by vetoing Lydia. How does he not realize that leaving Lydia up will make him the biggest enemy of all?

Russell makes a play for Jessie, pulling him into the supply room to tell him that his only way to stay in the house is to keep Russell and get rid of Jeff instead. Jessie's doubtful, especially since Russell didn't pick him for the PoV competition, which he's still pretty pissed about. See Russell. See Russell flail. Flail, Russell, flail.

Jessie then approaches Jeff to ask why he thinks Russell picked him for the PoV. Jessie throws Russell under the bus to try to talk Jeff out of saving Russell in case a) he's thinking about it, and b) in case he also has the power. It's kind of surprising that Jessie is not actually wasting his time here. Well, he is, but two of the premises he is operating on are correct. He's merely failed to take into account the inaccuracy of his third assumption, which is that Jeff c) gives a fuck about Jessie.

Later, Jessie talks to Jordan, telling her the same thing, because he correctly realizes that Jeff's going to tell her if Jessie doesn't. Neither of them believes what Russell told Jessie earlier, but Jordan also doesn't believe Jessie.

Afterwards, Jordan and Jeff discuss outside how nice Jessie suddenly becomes when he thinks one of them might have a secret power. Jordan asks who Jeff thinks she should put up if she wins HoH next week. Jeff says he'd love to see Jessie up against Natalie (which is what I suspect he'll do with the Coup d'Etat on Thursday), but given Jordan's likelihood of ever winning HoH, he might as well tell her to put Dr. Will up against Batman. I bet she'd take a crack at it, too.

Russell demonstrates how not to suck up to Chima, getting into an argument with her over shower time. He DRs that he's not going to get her vote anyway, so he might as well not bother. I think he's miscalculating the effect that his poor treatment of one of his housemates will have on others' opinion of him. Again. She blows up at him and calls him one of "America's Top Terrorists." Russell, who I believe is Arab-American (at the very least, the photos of his dad in the HoH room look like Omar Sharif), takes it as a racial remark. But Chima, without backing down, says she is referring to his particular, individual behavior of terrorizing people. The editors even have her back on this, providing a little black-and-white montage of several occasions of Russell screaming at people. The two of them are yelling over each other once again, and I'm 99.832% sure it's for real this time. Finally, it "ends" with Chima telling him he's going home, and Russell calling her out as the true racist. There is not a fence left standing in Los Angeles County.

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