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The "Haves" for the week get to invade the snack-stocked HoH room to watch The Goods. Russell continues sniping at Chima. They watch the movie, while Lydia, Jeff, and Michele are stuck outside working on their tans. I might almost be fooled into seeing this movie, but the fact it's being promoted on Big Brother tells me all I need to know about its likely quality. End of commercial for The Goods.

Later, Lydia tells Russell that Kevin probably isn't going to be using the veto on her, like Russell did. Just to be clear, Russell took Lydia off the block. They commiserate how "everyone's in it for themselves." Unlike Lydia and Russell, of course, who are just looking out for each other. Kevin comes out as Russell goes back in, and asks Lydia if she told him. She's like, yeah, and he has the nerve to get annoyed with her for telling Russell. They go into one of the bedrooms to have it out, and get into a stupid argument. How stupid does it get? After arguing for a while, Kevin tells Lydia he will use the PoV on her, and she tells him not to. What a couple of idiots.

Kevin wonders how to deal with this situation: gamble with Lydia, or save her and risk his relationship with Chima. But honestly, would Chima really be enough of an asshole to begrudge Kevin saving his best friend and closest ally in the house? In a DR, Chima is very serious and very clear that yes, she is exactly that asshole. Although she doesn't use those exact words. Lydia, in the meantime, threatens to reconsider her relationship with Kevin if he doesn't come through for her. Well, it's not like he's ever come through for her before, but then this is the first time he's ever been in a position to. Russell thinks he has a better chance of being struck by lighting inside the house than getting vetoed. I think he's overestimating his chances of getting vetoed.

Kevin calls the PoV meeting. He gives them both a chance to talk him into using the PoV on one of them. Russell goes first, saying he doesn't expect to be vetoed. "Lydia's your friend," he reminds Kevin. Lydia simply says, she loves Kevin, and "It would be nice if you used it on me." Kevin says he's using the veto on... nobody. Christ, what a wuss. He apologies to Lydia, says he hopes she understands (oh, I think we all understand, Kevin), and will talk about it with her later. Lydia looks slapped. In the DR, she demotes him from her "Sugar Bear" to "poopie bear." As for Russell, he's just hoping for the best from the mystery power. Jessie sarcastically thanks America for giving the mystery power to someone else, and laments the unfairness of having to worry during a week when he should be safe. And speaking of the secret power, Jeff reminds us, yet again, "the choice is mine." Doesn't he ever get tired of hearing himself say that?

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