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At Long Last, Shove

Roddy gets up and leaves the table, but Amy continues to sit. And stare. Lisa comes over to her. "Amy, do you want to talk?" Amy tells Lisa that she expected the nomination. She just wasn't ready for the speech. Sniff.

Outside, three enormous giant heads collide as Roddy sits down to chat with Marcellas and Danielle. Roddy opens with a sort of grunt of discontent, and Marcellas immediately says, "Roddy, I'm...terrifically sorry." And what does Marcellas do next? He blames the entire house. It's not me, it's the house. Not me! The will of the house! What was I to do? I'm just me! It's a whole house! With cameras in the walls! Shut up, Marcellas. Roddy isn't buying. He turns on Danielle, furious that she never told him that she shares this perception that he's untrustworthy. He tries the whole "How could you have told me you trusted me?" thing, but that crap he used on Jason rolls off Danielle like...well, like something really, really round and rollable. He's pretty much falling to pieces, realizing he's probably toast, and it makes him frustrated, because he is Rod! He is the Rod! Fear the Rod! Your old pal Rod! Anyway. This collapses into a fight, in which he and Marcellas argue over which of them is prettier or has a cuter purse or something. Marcellas drags out the ancient guilt-by-association crap about Roddy's friendship with Josh and hammockship with Chiara, blah blah blah cliquetyclaquetycakes. And then these three people -- all of whom are trying to screw each other -- argue over who is the most virtuous. Roddy winds up saying, "I forgive you," which Marcellas is snotty about in response. I would point out that normally, I agree that "I forgive you" is a stupid, arrogant comment, but when Marcellas opened with "I'm terrifically sorry," he did sort of open himself up to being effusively forgiven, stupid as it is. Of course, Roddy can't quit while he's marginally, slightly, a teeny tiny bit ahead, so he goes on to lecture Marcellas that he should have accepted the grand and admirable gesture of forgiveness. Bzzzt. You suck, Roddy. They fight some more, and Marcellas gets up and walks away. Man, I hate these people. I need a very, very tall drink of something with an umbrella in it. And someone fanning me with big leaves would be nice also. Unlike these people, I have suffered enough.

In the diary room, Marcellas ratchets up the utter nonsense by saying that Roddy was "being the smart white guy telling the two black people that they're being emotional." Seriously, Marcellas, shut UP. I'll give you arrogant, I'll give you rude, I'll give you lacking in self-awareness, I'll give you pompous and hypocritical and follically challenged. But that, that you just said? That is not what this is about. There are only five people in the house, other than Roddy. You're the two who were sitting outside when he got there. So before you go waving your righteous indignation in the air with too much enthusiasm, you might keep in mind that you wouldn't want anyone to think you were cynically exploiting such a serious matter because you're pissed-off and bitter, would you? Yeah, I didn't think so.

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