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At Long Last, Shove

Roddy keeps being a self-important bore, trying hard to punish me for defending any aspect of his personality. He walks away, leaving Danielle alone. "Nest of vipers, pack of jackals, flock of vultures," she chants, like she's summoning her forces of evil. Amy goes outside and sits with Danielle. Danielle tells her she knows how much it means to Amy to be accepted, and she knows how hard this is on her. Amy and Danielle hug. And for just that little moment of kindness, I do give Danielle big credit. Amy really, really, really needed that right then, and I'm glad Danielle did it. Danielle then sends Amy to go talk to Marcellas, which I sort of think is...a little bit wrong, because it sets up what's about to happen.

And what's about to happen is that Amy goes into the HoH room and somehow, in some strange sequence of events, Amy winds up basically apologizing to Marcellas, because she was afraid he'd be mad at her. Excuse me, what? You know, if there's anything worse than a woman who sits around while people treat her like crap, it's one who sits around while people treat her like crap, and then apologizes to them. Amy certainly does have the full-blown version of whatever sickness this is. Furthermore, Marcellas yet again insists on characterizing the things he says as being representative of what unnamed other people also believe. Can he even open his mouth anymore without claiming to speak for all mankind? If not, closing his mouth might be a start.

Marcellas continues to piss me off when he says, in the diary room, "When Amy is just Amy, and not the ex-beauty-queen, or not trying to be sexy Amy, or not trying to be bendable Barbie, Amy is...wonderful." As sweet as they'd like us to think this sentiment is, it also sucks. The fact of the matter is that part of Amy is the ex-beauty-queen. And part of her is sexy Amy. What Amy needs is not to discard entire portions of her personality. What Amy needs is to stop worrying about herself so much and working so hard to impress people with her assorted assets. But she's always going to be somewhat this way, and if you can't make peace with it, she's not your friend, and you really ought to leave her alone, rather than taking the Renovation of Amy on as your personal project. Gee, I feel like I gave this speech, like, two weeks ago. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Nobody deserves to have "friends" who fundamentally don't like who they are.

Marcellas and Danielle yakkety-yak about Roddy some more, and how he's the devil, and a weasel, and blah dee blah. And guess what Marcellas says again? "Will of the house." Wow, my pockets are empty. Not one more "shut up, Marcellas" is available for use. What a shame.

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