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At Long Last, Shove

When the massages are over, Lisa, Jason, and Danielle have a conversation about the veto. Jason is angry at the thought that Roddy would even ask Amy to use it, given that this would likely doom her to certain eviction. Danielle actually takes the opportunity to God...that Amy not use the veto. Danielle? Have you met my theory that God Doesn't Do Free Throws, Awards Shows, Or Reality Television? It's one of my favorites. God is busy, Danielle. It's like the way you don't bother your mom to break up fights between you and your sister when she's relaxing in the tub. Come to think of it, that will work. Think of God as in the tub, Danielle.

America's Choice time. This week, America was asked what the houseguests should get to shop for -- clothes, sporting goods, or toys and games. They all want clothes, and that's what they get. Good job, America! We rule! The way the shopping works is that the living room will be all stocked with clothes, and they'll have ninety seconds to make the mad dash. Anything they can put on, they can keep. Scramble, grab clothes, and so forth. Predictable wackiness. Everyone winds up with some shiny new clothes. ["How stupid. I realize that they know people are watching them, and they have some notion that they want to look nice, but...clothes? What, do they think they're going to need a new outfit in case Sheryl Crow comes back for another concert? They're trapped in a house with no books, radio, or TV. Aren't they really, really bored? Hello, GAMES?! Morons." -- Wing Chun]

Later, Roddy continues to work Amy about the veto. She tells him she's not so sure she'll be using it, what with his unwillingness to support her in return and everything. He continues to wail away on her "obligation" to do what she said she would, and use the veto. He tells her that if he had ever made a promise to her, he'd keep it. She doesn't know what to do.

Veto meeting. Amy turns to Roddy, and before she can even start her speech, he stops her just to tell her that whatever she does is okay. Remember he said that. Amy goes on to describe her deal with him, and then to explain how he told her that he wouldn't necessarily vote to keep her if she vetoed him. She ultimately says that she can't veto him, knowing that it might mean sacrificing herself, when he won't even agree not to vote to evict her. So she's not using the veto. Hilariously, Marcellas then praises her reasoning as "perfect" in the DR. Funny how her reasoning is always "perfect" as long as she's doing what he wants. Shut up, Marcellas. Roddy, meanwhile, bitters in the diary room that "Amy has proven that her word is no good." Or else she's proved that she's not an absolute and total freaking sap. Incidentally, Dictionaryhead? The past participle of "prove" is "proved," not "proven." "Proven" is an adjective only, as in "a proven cure," and even then, it's not a great word. Just a little hint from your recapper, who admittedly does not have quite the enormous store of useless data in her head that you possess (and to the degree that she does, much of it relates to -- ugh -- pop culture, of all things), but who can still put her college degree to some good use without completely embarrassing herself. I normally don't bother with these things too much, given that I'm no mistress of perfect usage, but when you get too wound up about being the biggest intellectual since the invention of the printed word, I do pay a bit more attention. I know you'd want me to point these things out, after all. It will make you a better person, after all. Come to think of it, you should thank me.

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