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At Long Last, Shove

Jason...oh, good heavens. This DR session with Jason is our first view of his absolutely horrifying hair of the week. Okay, imagine that you're a guy, and sort of a hottie. And you have nice, wavy hair. Now, imagine you are delusional and blind, and you smoke crack. This is really the only way to explain what's going on here with Jason's hair. He's got it sort of mussed up and combed forward, and there's something like motor oil on it. For texture, I guess. It's like a mop, but worse. It's like a dirty mop. At any rate, Jason says in the DR that Amy didn't use the veto partly because she realized that if she vetoed Roddy, she would be bounced the next week anyway.

Outside in the big chairs, Roddy and Amy talk. Again, she is asking him not to hate her, despite the fact that again, she did nothing wrong. I suppose this is Amy's theme of the week. Sigh. Amy starts to tell Roddy that she has a tendency to "beat herself up so much over things," and he stops her and says that really isn't it. He tells her that feeling bad about it now is the easy way out. The hard thing would have been to keep to her word in the first place. He says this, of course, despite the fact that he already told her inside that whatever she decided to do was okay. He also says this knowing how really fragile she is this week, and says it knowing that he has the ability to hurt her feelings. When Roddy's all through trying to make Amy feel like a worthless pile of trash, he gets up, kisses her on the forehead, and leaves. And she cries. Oh, Amy. Don't cry over jerks. There are honestly so many. As for you, Roddy...if you watch that scene and you don't feel ashamed, then you need to take a big fat deep breath and rethink your position until you do.

Amy cries, then she hurls her plastic glass of water through the air. So dramatic!

Thursday. Previously, Roddy sucked.

Julie Chen, dressed in a white clingy shirt with vertical stripes (hey, I think I have those placemats!), starts out with a bang this week, referring to Amy's nomination as the moment Marcellas "turned on his best friend." Hmm. A little feistier than usual, the Chen this week. She recaps the rest of the week's events, up to and including Amy's decision not to use the veto. Julie reminds us that this is Amy's fourth time on the block -- ugh! -- and Roddy's third, so they're both used to it.

Julie explains that the houseguests are once again being tempted not to evict Roddy, because Amy is acting so obnoxious. In the house, Marcellas and Danielle have a conversation in which Marcellas somehow complains that when he made a semi-deal with Roddy, it was only because Roddy hypnotized him with charisma or blinded him with science or some crazy-ass thing like that. Marcellas doesn't really want to admit that what he was doing was playing both sides against he middle without really knowing what the heck his plan was, or that as long as he didn't know which side to take, it would be good to temporarily take the side of the ripped naked man in the hot tub. Amy, meanwhile, has apparently flipped one of the switches in her head again, because now, she again feels guilty about not having vetoed Roddy. She tells Roddy so, and he tells her there's nothing she can do about it now. He leans back and puffs on his cigar.

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