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At Long Last, Shove

Julie takes us to the house to talk to the houseguests. Again, they're sad, because it's time for another boot. Julie compliments Danielle on her wrap dress from the America's Choice thing, and then she moves on to Jason, who is back in that nightmarish dirty-mop do. Julie calls it "very Greg Brady." Hee. One point for the Chen. Julie then asks Marcellas about his nomination speech, and asks him what he was trying to say to Amy and whether he thinks she got it. He calls it "a plea to Amy to be a little more careful with everyone, because we're all really fragile." No one more fragile than Amy, of course, so it sort of makes you wonder why Marcellas mercilessly flattened her, if that's the way he feels. Julie moves on to Amy, who basically says she thinks the nomination speech sucked, and was overly mean. Julie asks Danielle how badly she wants to win HoH, and Danielle says, "I want it so bad I can taste it," which I don't believe for a second, but that's neither here nor there, I suppose. There is some additional blathering about the America's Choice.

Voting in the DR. Only, as usual, there is no voting. Danielle is unnecessarily nasty about Amy, it seems to me, talking about how "if you have to work that hard to be sexy, sorry, girlfriend, you ain't got it." Did we mention how fragile Amy is, by chance? And how low her opinion of herself is already? Does Danielle really think Amy needs to hear that? Furthermore, I have to say Danielle certainly does know how to throw away votes in the DR, in the event she makes the final two. I think that remark right there seals the fact that Amy will not vote for her against any of the other folks who remain. That's how seriously I think Amy will take it. At any rate, Danielle makes her usual speech about the diabolical Roddy, and how he's the devil. Can she please, please, PLEASE shut up?

Josh? JOSH? Why in the hell do I have to look at Josh? Bleh. Here's Josh and Merritt, anyway, and here's Josh explaining that his strategy was to make everyone hate him. I'm not sure that's a "strategy" so much as an "inevitability," but there you go. Merritt talks about how hard it was not to be able to support her beloved weasel boy during his time of difficulty. We see again the way they reunited, and the way he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. For whatever reason, we have to see them visit Frederick's of Hollywood (why?), where Josh appears in a black silk robe with a playing card motif. Did I do something to offend the people behind this show? Why are they doing this? Then Josh and Merritt go look at diamonds. They look at one that's $37,000. "If you guys have, like, a 90% off sale, give me a call," he says. Heh. Okay, that was a little funny. Anyway, Josh tells us in an interview that he intends to propose to Merritt as soon as he asks her dad. And as soon as her dowry is prepared and the townspeople prepare a festival of pheasant, I suppose, since they are apparently getting married a couple hundred years ago.

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