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At Long Last, Shove

There's quite a little discussion among the houseguests about Julie's fake-out trying to make them think the vote went four-zip against Amy. Lisa says it was "a shock to your system." Danielle -- hitting the rewind button on her personal vocabulary VCR -- calls it "scandalous." Danielle is getting a thesaurus from me on her birthday. Or perhaps she will get a bouquet of stinky fish from me on her birthday, because next up? The countdown. "Six down, and four to go." One of these days, I am counting on one of the editors to throw a slice of pizza against the wall, wipe the beer from the corner of his mouth, and yell, "I'm NOT! SHOWING! That COUNTDOWN! ANYMORE!" I envision it being very Peter Finch in Network. I can't wait.

Marcellas remarks that it is the halfway point. Oh, God, that isn't true, is it? We have to be further along than that. Despair begins to nibble at my ankles like a lost puppy. Nevertheless, they all applaud themselves. Because they've been sitting on a TV lot without doing anything significant for weeks, dammit, and they deserve applause.

Blue-and-white Marcellas wins HoH again. Amy says she "couldn't be happier." Note the large birds circling Amy's head. Mmm, vultures. Also in blue and white, after Marcellas wins, Amy walks with his arm around her, drawling, "Ah love being First Lady!" Marcellas talks about how many things he desperately needs (he is not smart enough to include "sense of perspective" on the list, I'm sure), and his great hope that he can get some of them in his HoH basket. We see him go into the HoH room to check out the haul. He is happiest about a picture of his whole family when he was significantly younger -- hee, nice Afro, dude. He gets his favorite blanket, a letter from his sister, and a Jill Scott CD. His sister also conveys in the letter that it's time to "lose the socks and the flip-flops." Man, no kidding. The funny editors throw in a shot of Marcellas walking, and they put the buzzing sound and the little red X over his feet, just like they did last week when he was snarking on what everyone else was wearing. I swear, without the editors to keep me company, I would have ripped my eyeballs out long ago.

A literal drum roll brings us to a segment of a very unhappy Roddy sitting outside, undoubtedly wondering whether he would actually be willing to make out with Marcellas to avoid nomination. Amy comes along, and he asks her to sit next to him. She does, and tells him she's still wigged out -- I think over the Chen eviction fake-out -- and then he asks if he can tell her something. He says, in this very gentle, parental way, that he doesn't think people appreciated the way she lolled about, luxuriating in her presumed safety when Marcellas won HoH -- the "First Lady" line seems to be what bothers him the most. You know, considering that, content-wise, he doesn't have a leg to stand on, he approached Amy in a pretty good, pretty appropriate way in this one instance. In other words, if he actually had a point to make, this would be the way to make it without being any more hurtful than necessary. But honestly, he has no point. Amy has already been on the block three times when this conversation happens, and if she wants to bask a little in the belief that she might get a week off, I would think he should be able to understand. I mean...he in particular wouldn't understand, I guess, but a general hypothetical person would understand. Furthermore, Roddy makes it sound like the resentment of her attitude comes from everyone, and I don't think he's speaking for anyone but himself. So shut up, Roddy. He doesn't, of course -- he goes on to caution Amy that aligning herself with Marcellas makes them seem like a couple, which could make her a target. You know, that's closer to not being a complete load of crap than anything else he's said so far. Of course, Roddy can't leave well enough alone. He has to point out ostentatiously that he's telling Amy this even though it's "not in [his] best interests." Roddy is so generous. I'm so glad he pointed out his own magnanimity. Maybe he would be willing to draw me a map, so I can find his magnanimity in the future.

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