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At Long Last, Shove

Roddy's family is there to take custody of him, and he's clearly very happy to see them.

This week's HoH competition is a dorky thing where they look at videotape and try to remember what happens next. Jason wins. That'll be interesting. Everyone consoles Danielle, unaware that she most likely threw it. Jason openly requests the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack as his CD. Hmm, I don't know if I would have picked him as a show tunes guy. Interesting.

In a week, it's a two-hour festival of dysfunction, featuring nominations, the veto meeting, and the eviction.

We do go back to the house to talk briefly to the houseguests. They all talk about how much they "love" Roddy, including Marcellas, who has done nothing but bitch about Roddy for weeks. Julie asks Amy again whether she really, truly would have preferred to veto Roddy and see herself evicted instead. She says yes. Julie still can't believe it. The Chen snarks on Jason a bit about his hair, and then she goes to Marcellas. For no particular reason except that she's filling time and Marcellas annoys her, Julie asks Marcellas to whom he thinks he owes the fact that he's still in the house. She wants to know whether he'll have the balls to admit that the answer is "Gerry." Three points for the Chen. He doesn't. He attributes it to Roddy and Kiki, for being his boosters when no one else liked him. You suck, Marcellas. Asked what they miss most from the outside world, Danielle says, "Sex." Because her husband isn't embarrassed enough yet, apparently. And Amy says, "Libations." Sigh.

And that's basically how the episode ends -- with Danielle, back in the house, talking endlessly about her "needs." Those would be the sex needs. Those would be the chicka-bamp-chicka-wow needs. Needs. She has needs. She says it a few more times. Needs, needs, needs. Needs. Needs. Shut up, Danielle.

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