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At Long Last, Shove

Time for nominations. Everyone is apprehensive, except Amy, who seems to think she has an idea of who's going to be nominated. Marcellas melodramatically starts the ritual as that really, really porny music wacka-chickas in the background. That is definitely the porniest of all the porny music they use on CBS reality shows. Chicka-wacka-chicka...wah wah's like the nominations are going to involve stripping to your undies and spanking yourself. But they probably won't. Wouldn't that be cool, though? ["If we didn't see that the week that Chiara was Head of Household, I don't think it's likely to happen." -- Wing Chun]

Sit at the table, pull a couple of keys, and pow! The nominees are Roddy and Amy. Ouch. Marcellas turns to Roddy first. His argument is that Roddy simply can't be trusted, and once again, he has to phrase this as "the perception within the house," rather than just taking the responsibility for it himself. Marcellas is the only person I've seen in this game who feels so entitled to speak for other people so frequently. Everything he does, he writes off to "the house." Baby? It's time to put up or shut up. You're the one who put the keys in the box. It's not the house that has perceptions. It's you, and I really wish you'd stop trying to make it all about how you just represent the greater good. Thank you. Roddy, by the way, looks disgusted and surprised.

Now, Marcellas turns to Amy. He tells her she's been his best friend, but then he goes into some really indecipherable crap to the effect that he's always telling her what she should be doing differently, and she never does what he says, so he nominated her. Or something. It's really lame. Amy, trying hard to be a good soldier, smiles and nods through the whole thing. Most unfathomably, Marcellas says, "This isn't personal, this isn't a reflection, it's just more of...." She tries to cut him off in a chipper way, saying, "The game." But he's not having any of it. "No, it's not the game," he says, rolling his eyes. "Don't belittle it." Well, what the hell, Marcellas, if it isn't personal, and it isn't the game, what is it? And "belittle"? He says it like Amy snubbed the humanitarian award he tried to bestow on her or something. Whatever he means to be saying, what generally comes after "it's not personal" in this game is something about it being "the game," so whether he meant it or not, he set her up for that moment, and she was trying to let him off the hook a little under very difficult circumstances. I don't love Amy all the time, and I doubt I would want to be her friend, but if Marcellas really cares about her, it would be nice if, you know, one time out of a hundred, he would give her a break and not humiliate her like she's his errant child. Come to think of it, not even an errant child deserves this treatment. Marcellas wraps up by telling Amy that Roddy was right about what he said about her when he nominated her. Remember? Remember how Amy cried, and how she was so devastated by that speech? I guess Marcellas thought it would be helpful if, in addition to his own You Suck speech, he reminded her of, and ratified, the previous You Suck speech to which she was subjected. Nice. Remember the last discussion, about Amy and the difficulty she has accepting affection that is anything other than grudging? Yeah. Here she is again, and if you watch her face in this scene, it will break your heart.

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