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At Long Last, Shove

The long and the short of it is that somehow, some way, Marcellas manages to nominate and excoriate his "best friend" in the house, and he still acts like he's the one who's burdened and put-upon. It is at this point that I really, really start to hate him.

Amy sits at the table, unable to move. Roddy leans over and puts his head on her shoulder. In the DR, Danielle -- in a speech I actually do find somewhat sincere -- says that she may do a lot of other things, but she doesn't degrade people in public like that. She and Lisa both DR that they felt very, very bad for Amy. And no wonder.

Roddy, meanwhile, makes some full-of-crap comments to the effect that Marcellas didn't have any reason to nominate him. Whatever, Captain Monoxidil. Jason talks about the importance of the veto, and how either he or Danielle needs to win it. Marcellas acts sad in the Aquarium Room. Wow, this certainly is fascinating stuff they're dishing out. Does anyone have any playing cards?

Wednesday. Previously, Marcellas sucked.

Nomination aftermath continues. After blue-and-white Amy is nominated all over again, we see her still sitting at the table with Roddy, stunned. "I just don't know why everyone's nomination speech of me has to be so cruel," she says to him, and at this point, I do kind of see how she feels. Among other things, she's now up for the fourth time, so it's got to be getting a little tiring. Marcellas, of course, is in the HoH room feeling sorry for himself, because it is, after all, all about him. In the DR, Marcellas refers to the nomination of Amy as an "intervention," which I'm sure was a big help, considering that he didn't even tell her what the hell he was talking about. Furthermore, interventions are all right for emergencies like drinking and heroin, but an intervention that basically says "It's a crisis how much you suck as a human being"? Yeah, most people can live without that one. Marcellas blows by Amy and Roddy at the table on his way out into the yard. Prick.

Roddy talks in the DR about how incredibly crappy he thought Marcellas's speech was. "'Unnecessary' doesn't even begin to describe it," he says. And you know, he's an arrogant blowhard, but on this occasion? Well said, you arrogant blowhard. Outside, Danielle tells Marcellas that he should tell Amy he loves her. Doesn't like how she's acting, but loves her. And I'm glad Danielle did that. A cameraperson gets a great shot of Marcellas walking around bitterly outside, through the window, over the shoulders of a hugging Roddy and Amy. Nice work! Out on the basketball court, Danielle asks Marcellas what he wants to happen, and he says he wants Roddy, not Amy, to be evicted. He calls it a "learning opportunity" for Amy. Do you think he knows how arrogant remarks like that really are? Does he remember himself, crying hysterically on the bed because he was so hurt that a bunch of people he didn't know acted like he was nothing? Does he know that it really is quite a bit worse when someone who is supposed to be your friend treats you like you're nothing? Get a clue, man.

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