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God Hates Jameka

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God Hates Jameka

Dick takes a break in his onanistic gloating to involve Daniele, the actual winner of the competition. She has changed clothes and looks like she's still having an endorphin rush of relief. (She's also got Nick's fucking bandanna around her wrist.) They agree that Zach has no chance of winning, and Dick DRs that this is "the season of the Donatos." God, ain't that the fucking truth.

Live chat time. Daniele's five Veto wins tie her record with Janelle's. Why did Dick shit-talk Zach so much? Apparently, we out here needed to know some things -- specifically that Dick is fucking infantile. What about Jameka's restoration of Zach's faith? Oh, no one cares. Even Jameka looks kind of annoyed to be asked about it.

I don't even want to lose momentum here to comment on Daniele's fucking queer outfit, so I'll just say she looks like a pink Hostess Snowball that got stabbed and started bleeding. She yaps for like ten minutes before saying that she's going to veto Dick's nomination, saying "replace the favour" like fifteen times. "RETURN," Flo, damn.

So Dick's rescue means Jameka's automatically nominated. She doesn't expect anything other than what's about to happen. Daniele is kind of gross in giving her rote "take me off the block" speech because everyone knows exactly what's about to happen, though she does mix it up by saying that if Dick doesn't vote to keep Daniele in the house, maybe she won't speak to him again for another few years, ha ha ha! Save it for Group. Dick obviously votes to evict Jameka -- nicely stepping on the moment by blathering on about how surprised he was that Daniele vetoed his nomination. Julie's like, "You all set? Jameka, get out." Jameka is relieved and gracious as she hugs everyone and leaves.

Chenderdome. Will Zach and Jameka stay friends in real life? Jameka delivers the most polite "no" possible. Does she believe Dick's attacks on her faith were just gameplay? Kind of, but it was still hurtful. Julie then reminds Jameka of how, when she first arrived in the house, she commented that she wasn't used to being around so many white people. I SO want Julie to go, "Girl, aren't white people wack?" Instead, she just asks how the experience aligned with her expectations, and Jameka very nicely says that white people are just people like anyone else. Aw. I just can't get over how good Jameka looks in this moment: she was really over this game, I think. Daniele is glad she got to know Jameka. Dick says that it's been a pleasure knowing her in the house. Jameka mouths "whatever." Dick then goes on rambling about "fun and games and quarters and LNC," like, you aren't signing a high-school yearbook, Chip, jesus. Zach was grateful to give Jameka the chance to fight back in the game. That kind of seems like a compliment for Zach, but anyway. Julie then replaces Zach's lumpy visage with a photo of Jameka's new niece -- who is, indeed, much cuter than she was when I first saw her two weeks ago. Jameka is very excited to see her and immediately starts crying happy tears. Aw, Jameka. You were kind of ridiculous sometimes with all the God shit, but you seem like a very sweet person and at least you were consistent and sincere.

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