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Six Fingers, And None Of Them Worked

Nakomis dyes her hair in the living room, turning it sort of fire-engine red and neon yellow. Jase and Mike kind of dig it, at least in a "that's remarkable" kind of way, the same way you might admire an exotic South American frog. Marcellas, of course, misses the point entirely, and thinks that Nakomis is going for "pretty," and, in the DR, declares it to be "a hot mess." He then adds, "It was a courageous choice, but a bad one," proving that Dr. Will is not the only one to be recycling shtick along about now. Did they think we wouldn't remember? They didn't count on the obsessives, now, did they? DID THEY? "I never thought someone would want to dye their head like a deviled egg, but for some reason, that's what she chose," Will comments, more surprised than particularly unkind. And then Howie brings things up to a new level of classy by saying in the DR, "It's not the color of the hair's fault that the face is ugly." Oh, Howie. All the tail you must get with that charming sense of humor of yours.

Nakomis gives an interview in which she says that it's hard to let people get to know her because she's "so incredibly different from everyone." Okay, that's bullshit. Without the hair and the tattoos, she'd be a pretty regular person, based on what I've seen. Which probably explains the hair and the tattoos. She has a lot of trappings of "so incredibly different," but that doesn't always translate into "so incredibly different" in any real sense. She seems to get along with people in a fairly conventional, mostly unremarkable way. In fact, I think that her difficulty in relating to people like Janelle and Marcellas isn't because she's so different. It's because she's so normal, and they're such fucking Hollywood stereotypes. It's not like she's Dave Navarro and they're from Friends. It's like she's Angela Chase and they're from Laguna Beach. Nakomis says that she just wants people to know she's a good person and not to notice the hair, which...if it were true, she wouldn't do the hair, you know? This is all not really bad, because lots of people her age are like this, but she will be more fun when she's not trying so hard to get attention for things and then complain that people pay attention to those things.

Filler: Janelle and Marcellas stop in front of the wall of photos and decide that they'll stand there and cast everyone in a big soap opera. I never thought I'd encounter a contestant bitchier than Marcellas, but here you are. They cast Will as "the evil manipulator," Erika as "the sultry brunette," Diane as "the trashy girl from the south," Howie as "the pervert," Mike as the closeted straight guy, and George as "the janitor." They find this last part particularly hilarious, because taking a regular person and making fun of him for being kind of like someone who might work with his hands for a living is an absolute riot. The interesting thing is that the editors throw in a lot of very funny music and titles to spice up the "castings" and turn the entire thing into a Finished Bit, but if they didn't, it wouldn't be all. I mean, "the sultry brunette"? The "evil manipulator"? Not really witty, you know?

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