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Six Fingers, And None Of Them Worked

Now, Janelle has a chat with Howie and James about what a bad job Kaysar did with nominations. As stated previously, no one really makes Princess Janelle happy except unrelenting ass-kissers like Marcellas. Janelle insists that Kaysar made a real deal with Will and Mike, and she and James conclude that Kaysar only made the deal to protect himself, not the rest of them. Which is a lot of unnecessary scrambling, given that they're wrong and don't know what they're talking about. James, for his part, says that if Kaysar did make a deal with Mike and Will, he's a total idiot, because they don't keep deals. He notes that you could have made a similar deal with Nakomis and Diane and actually gotten some safety from it, possibly. James and Janelle eventually conclude that this plan of Kaysar's totally sucks, and Janelle DRs, as only a real friend will, that "Kaysar is being a complete pansy." I can sure see why she thinks of herself as America's Sweetheart. Being her pal would be so much fun! Janelle tells us that if she wins the veto, she "just might have to change one of Kaysar's nominations." Not that she can make him do anything in particular with the open spot, like nominate Will or Mike.

When we come back, it's time to pick three random people to play in the veto competition with Kaysar and the nominees. Diane says that she's hoping for George, because "he sucks." Nakomis says that S6 people are not wanted in the veto, from her perspective, because they are guaranteed not to touch the nominations. Will is the first one picked, and he tells us that he doesn't really care about playing for the veto, because as between the two women, he doesn't care who goes. Erika is next, followed by James. Nakomis says that inviting James into the veto competition was not what she wanted. Kaysar chooses George to host the competition, which seems kind of like an act of mercy.

Outside, it turns out that this is a competition playing golf with giant foam golf balls and giant, toy clubs. It's basically Wiffle Golf. Shall we make a long story short, as we do with these three-episode recaps? Erika is head and shoulders above anyone else, and she wins easily. It takes a long time, and there is an enormous amount of unnecessary exposition, but that is the bottom line. Erika = winner. Foam clubs = hard to manipulate. Diane and Nakomis recognize that this development is not good for them. Diane notes in the DR, "I've been praying every day, and it hasn't done shit yet." Heh. Maybe she's swearing and her prayers are being censored. Erika says that she loves having the power, and she's going to be thinking through her options before failing to use it. Oh, sorry. Before deciding whether to use it. Sometimes, I skip ahead.

When we return, Danielle is talking to Diane and Nakomis about how much it sucks to be on the block, since now she's all experienced with it and everything. Diane insists that if Erika were smart, she'd veto one of them and bring the wrath of everyone down on the S6 group, but she knows she won't. I'm not sure why Diane isn't remembering that Erika can't bring it down on the S6 group, because the person making the other nomination would be Kaysar, and he's not going to put up another S6 person. Sometimes I think people genuinely forget that the veto holder can't make the substitute nomination. Nakomis says in the DR that anything's possible, but she doesn't think Erika will use the veto. Nakomis and Diane also agree not to campaign against each other, no matter what. They'll be holding to that for sure!

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