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Six Fingers, And None Of Them Worked

Later, Erika tells us what a hard decision it is deciding whether or not to use the veto. She has the ability to take somebody off the block, but she can't replace anyone, which is why she can't do what Diane was saying before. James tells us that he hopes Erika uses the veto so that Kaysar can put up Mike or Will. Erika opens the ceremony by giving the two nominees a chance to advocate for themselves. Nakomis demurs, as almost all nominees now do. She says that it's a personal decision, and that she and Diane would both like to stay, but that it's Erika's choice. Diane, for her part, says she thinks the game needs to be played each person for herself. She says that she'd like to see the game changed, but that she'll respect whatever Erika does. (Lie!) You can kind of tell she wants to say more, but she's afraid of digging herself in deeper. Erika says that she's given it a lot of thought, but that she ultimately has decided to...not use the veto. Of course, Diane immediately concludes that this is because no one has any spine in the house, and she just regrets that she may not be able to stay and "crush them all." Nakomis says that she's going to play until the end: "Everybody is going to feel really, really bad whenever I completely whomp all of them, just, into the ground." She's right; that doesn't sound good. Marcellas tells us that Diane cries and Nakomis is strong, so he thinks that you'd get rid of Nakomis. But Janelle doesn't like that Diane cries, so she seems to be leaning toward getting rid of Diane. Will says that Kaysar passed up the chance to boot him because he wanted to "save his own hide." I think Will is wrong about that; I think Kaysar passed it up because of pure ego and pride, and because he thought he would look weak if he put up Will when Will was asking to be put up. Oh, Will.


Previously: Nakomis and Diane were up. Erika declined to use the veto. Diane had smoked lots of pot. Remember? Diane barely does, I guess.

Julie tells us that Howie is making George a Jedi, Danielle and Marcellas are bonding over slop, and Nakomis and Diane are on the block together. Later: an eviction. But first! One is about to try to stay in the game, or so Julie claims. We return to the rehashing.

Blue-and-white Erika does not use the veto, and Diane talks about the curse of spinelessness. Nakomis says that she wants to win, wants to "grind them into the ground," and so forth. Will tells Howie he's bummed the power of veto wasn't used so he could go up, and Howie leans over and gives Will a big smooch on the face. I am beginning to think that Howie might have some issues in the area of boundaries. What do you think? Will flashes Howie a dubious frown, and Howie starts to coo over what good shape Will is getting into. This is either the stupidest shtick ever, or the lamest attempt ever at wooing a plastic surgeon. And Howie is massaging the back of Will's neck. It's's very odd behavior. In the DR, Will says that he needs a shrink, because he's being "sexually harassed by a big idiot." Ha!

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