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We come back to Julie, who takes us to the living room to get going with the live show. Julie notes that George is, for whatever reason, wearing a tin-foil suit, including a tin-foil hat. Julie allows George to blame his appearance on his Jedi training with Howie, and Howie calls George a "great apprentice." Julie asks George what it's like being the oldest person, and George says that he's "having a hard time adapting." For whatever reason, this makes all the houseguests laugh. They are a bunch of cheap dates at this point. Julie next addresses Marcellas, who speaks to her in phony, overenunciated, weirdly dulcet tones that are far too obviously mocked up for television. He sounds like he's trying to sound like he's on NPR. Marcellas claims that he hasn't eaten all week because he feared the slop. Asked whether the team that won is being considerate, Marcellas says "somewhat," then congratulates himself for being so "diplomatic." Ironically, I only like Marcellas when he isn't diplomatic. I like him when he comes right out and is like, "You look like a cartoon nun." Or whatever.

Julie asks Diane about how emotional she was about being nominated, and Diane says that she just hasn't been in quite this position before. Don't mind her! She'll be over here crying! Julie then returns to Howie, and she asks him about the discussion he had with Will about Botox. She wonders whether Howie would see Will to "get some work done." Howie implies he will expect a discount, but claims that he would, indeed, go to Will to get his poisonous shots. "There goes my career," Will remarks. Julie looks at the camera and tells the viewers that we will soon discuss Kaysar's morals. Oh, good. That will be lots of fun.

But first! Voting clips. Danielle, Howie, and Mike. Danielle says that Diane is stronger than she seems. Howie says Diane is out to get S6. Mike says that he's attracted to Diane, so that's why he wants to keep her. Oh, and she's more "demure," but she's a "tomcat." Rowr! Feisty girls are hot! Mike calls Nakomis a "chameleon." Mike votes to boot Nakomis, to no one's surprise.

Back from commercials, Julie talks to Kaysar's family and friends and how they feel about his behavior, given his faith and his playing of the game. We watch Kaysar pray, and then he tells us that he wanted to "break down some stereotypes." It's too bad there isn't a stereotype that Muslims are especially interesting, because he'd certainly shatter that one. Then we visit with Kaysar's sister Dalia, who tells us that they're really happy Kaysar is playing the game again. Oof. You don't need religious objections to know better than to be happy about your brother's second trip to this show. Dalia says that Kaysar was the first Muslim to be on "a reality show like this." I'm not sure how many shows "like this" there are, but I'm not inclined to argue with her. She claims that this is a big event for "Arabs around the world." I think a few of them may have some other concerns, but I guess they might be carving out time to watch the show. A representative of the Muslim Public Affairs Council says that she's known Kaysar for a few years now. She explains the daily prayers and the way they're meant to make you more able to be good to others, among other things. So you never do them before nominations, I guess. Or before you are scheduled to get in a big hissing fight.

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