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Six Fingers, And None Of Them Worked

We watch Mike and Kaysar talk about the difficulty Kaysar has making decisions in the house, given his faith. Surprisingly, Mike brings this up, which is way more sensitivity than I thought he would be able to fake unless he was trying to obtain oral sex. We see some business about Kaysar being the "Muslim Brad Pitt," and his sister explains that there's no dating in her culture, so all the flirting with Erika is as pointless, as was the flirting with Janelle last year. I'm not sure Kaysar and his sister are on the same page with this part. Dalia adds that Kaysar isn't going to be tempted with boobs or booze, because it's not that different from his regular life. The Affairs Council lady is like, "He sees boobs a lot, after all." Which is a good point. Kaysar says the same thing in an interview, essentially. Dalia says that she is nervous about people betraying Kaysar or him betraying others, and that she just wants him to think twice. Presumably about going to hell. I want to just point out that I received an email after this episode titled "Dear Kaysar," which came from someone who apparently grew bored with this segment and indignantly pointed out to me in the email that it is not a tenet of Islam that one "act like a panty liner." I didn't say it! I'm saying I got it in an email. And I pass it along to you. Anyway, the Council lady says that there's no conflict between being Muslim and playing the game. Oh, and that "Iraqis are humans." Man, we are such a suck-ass society when you have to go on fucking Big Brother for that. I like the Council lady, kind of, and I secretly think she thinks Kaysar is admirable but dorky. It's just a guess.

Julie interviews Kaysar in the HoH room, immediately calling him out for the possibility that people will think he's "a wimp" for not putting up Will and Mike. Kaysar insists that you can't always put up "head honchos." The thing can. You exactly can, and that's why the game is unpredictable. Head honchos only become more powerful, which is why I think Kaysar is being dumb. He defends the decision, and he whines that Diane and Nakomis are "under the radar" and so forth. Julie asks him about the part where Will came and, you know, offered to go home. Kaysar chuckles, all "Heh heh," sure that Julie simply doesn't understand how the game is played. Again, it's awesome how he's like, "Oh, that's just Will," implying, "he doesn't really want to go home." Meaning gave him what he wanted. Exactly what he was hoping for. It's too early to congratulate yourself, you know?

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