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Six Fingers, And None Of Them Worked

We are reminded that Kaysar became HoH when Nakomis screwed up the matter of whether Alison thought Will would seek revenge on other houseguests by abusing people's toothbrushes. So basically, it was a battle of wits. We are also reminded of the idiotic overcelebrating by Kaysar's team, the recollection of which leads Jase to tell us in the DR that he did the same thing during his season. "Dumb-ass Howie apparently didn't see how that worked out," Jase observes. Janelle adds that they'd all been trying to "hide" the fact that they were all allies, but she "figured, 'what the heck?'" It's a great line. She's like, "Well, I was doing something I thought was smart, but then I figured, why not do something dumb instead? You only live once!" She is more irritating in this particular DR session than, like, anyone. Ever. James says that it was "calculated" that he didn't run over and participate. Danielle bitches in the DR about the "Big Brother 6 redo." And that's why Janelle is stupid not to know the answer to the "what the heck?" question. This show is pettier than anything else anywhere. They have nothing to do. They sit around all day and they do nothing. And what do they use to fill their time? Mostly shit-talking and the nursing of grudges. So it is foolish to provide people with unnecessary reasons not to like you, and gloating over a victory -- no matter how understandable it may be to everyone who's ever played a team sport -- is a way to make petty people not like you. This house, in particular, is still very unsettled. It's not a clear division of one alliance versus another, at least not without substantial complications. So it doesn't make sense to unnecessarily make people angry. Nobody really has much of an agenda right now except "not me" and, in a couple of cases, "not my guy I have with me." There's a lot of available atmospheric bullshit that's just airborne and searching for a place to settle, and it doesn't take much to attract it to yourself. That's "what the heck," Janelle.

Kaysar happily DRs that now, everyone is afraid of him. What's sad is how much Kaysar enjoys and needs that, and how earnest he is about it. If you're wondering, incidentally, just how earnest Kaysar is, check out his HoH diary, pointed out to me by one of the EEFPs. It might be okay if read at a wedding, and there's nothing wrong with the sentiments, but as part of a Big Brother diary, it just makes you look like a complete nitwit. "When you must cry, I will dry your tears"? Like...after you don't win the veto competition? Dude.

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