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Six Fingers, And None Of Them Worked

The questions that Julie asks vary from ones where you might have had a chance ("What did the sign behind so-and-so say?") to ones that are pure guessing ("As this person fell off the pedestal, which foot came off first?"). The last two standing at the end are Danielle and James. They wind up getting a tiebreaker question, which is how many seconds it took Janelle to win the dumpster-diving thing. They both go over, but James goes over by a smaller amount, so James is HoH. I'm actually kind of impressed by the fact that their answers are relatively close to each other (421 and 480) and not that far off from the answer (379), because people are notoriously awful at estimating time. But anyway, this makes James HoH, meaning that the same group of four people is going to be in charge for the third week in a row. So far, this season leaves something to be desired, excitement-wise.

When we come back for our last segment of the episode, James is raking in the congratulations for being HoH. Whom will he nominate? What will happen? You'll have to tune in for one of the many, many upcoming times this show will be on to find out.

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