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Six Fingers, And None Of Them Worked

In an upstairs chat among the S6 people, Howie -- who hates Nakomis with some kind of irrational rage -- says that Nakomis needs to be sent home. Janelle, on the other hand, says that Will and Mike "need to be dealt with." Kaysar promises to "make this a week to remember." And also? To dry your tears. Okay, I'm just kidding.

Mike's over in his room, literally saying how smart he is. No, really. Stand aside; there might be lightning. He DRs that Kaysar was the person he least wanted to win HoH. I think it seems as likely to Will and Mike that they'll be nominated as it seemed to me that they'd be nominated. Will agrees with me, and says that he hasn't even spoken to Kaysar, but he certainly expects to be nominated.

And then we get the Will Is A Dipshit Dermatologist segment, in which Will "enlightens" us about the fact that everyone needs Botox. He starts out all right, on a sort of "there's nothing wrong with doing something to make yourself feel better" kick, but then it turns into a monologue about all the wrinkles in Howie's forehead, and we're just off the rails. Will talks all about how much work Howie needs, and obviously, some of this is just Will amusing himself with Howie, but he comes off like a huge dick, and not in the way he intends or the way that's kind of cool. It seems humorless and grouchy, which is not really Will's typical approach. Kaysar contends that Botox stops you from having facial expressions. "How much expression do you need?" Will asks. Oh, dear. And then Will tops it off by mentioning that he administers his own Botox around his forehead and eyes. Now, it should be remembered that Will telling people something and that something being true are two very different things, and Will told people all kinds of ridiculous bullshit for his own amusement last time around, so there are some grains of salt at issue here. But it's still stupid. "I hate to take away from your business, but I still don't agree," Kaysar says, so self-serious that he contends with Will for the Biggest Stinkpot prize, right when Will seems about to grab it for good. Will attempts to equate the grooming of Kaysar's goatee with the injection of Botox, which: not, and Kaysar counters with a comment about how he disapproves of putting "pouches inside your breasts" (cruelarious cut to Janelle and Erika), and how some things are just over the line. Kaysar DRs that Will is a know-it-all and was "dismissive" of opposing views. I hope Kaysar can get used to this, because if he can't, he's going to be unhappy. "I'm a little insulted that Kaysar doesn't think that people need dermatological procedures," Will announces in the DR. It's even harder than it used to be to tell when he's just entertaining himself and when he means any part of what he's saying. Fairly reliably, though, when he declares himself to be either "insulted" or "offended," he's appearing in a show in which he's playing himself, rather than telling you what he actually thinks.

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