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Six Fingers, And None Of Them Worked

Up in the HoH room, Kaysar calls Mike and Will up to the room, and they confirm that they expect to be nominated. Kaysar tries to be all mysterious, that he has reasons to do various things -- lots of secret, confidential reasons -- but what he really wants is to get rid of "stragglers." Mike eggs him on that he can't stand it when people go to the end without doing anything, which means -- just as it does for Kaysar and anyone else who makes this complaint -- that those are the people it pisses him off to lose to. Kaysar tells Mike and Will that they don't really need to pitch why he should keep them; he wants to have "an understanding." And the nature of the "understanding" is that if he nominates people he calls "floaters" this week, then Will and Mike will go after "floaters" next week. Of course, Will can make as many deals as he wants, because he's never HoH. Has no interest in being HoH. Why would he do that? Just makes people angry. Just makes you pick sides. More trouble than it's worth. Will asks Kaysar whether the rest of his team knows what he's doing and if it's okay with them, and Kaysar preens, "They have to be. I'm HoH." Kaysar has the shortest memory of anyone, ever, about how short your week as HoH really is. One person out, and then you're right back where you were. Showing off feels good now, smarty, but you might want this conversation back someday. Mike DRs that it's a huge mistake for Kaysar not to nominate him and Will, but the deal appears to be done, as they all agree to keep in touch after the summer, and they roast marshmallows, and then Will and Mike leave.

Back from what feels like the longest set of commercials ever in the most commercial-packed episode ever of the most commercial-heavy show ever, we see the TV screen that reads "NOMINATIONS TODAY." Kaysar reminds us that making nominations is one of his "duties." The life of an HoH is very burdensome, you know. The Potential Nominee Roundup begins. Will says in the DR that he would be very disappointed not to be nominated. Mike says that he trusts Kaysar more than any of the other S6 folks, but "who knows" whether he's going up? Diane says that she doesn't think Kaysar has any particular desire to see her go out, but "anything can make you a target." Nakomis says that she's not "seen as a really big threat," and she doesn't stick out compared to all the "big personalities" that are here. Kaysar solemnly spins the key box and says that he wants to "deliver a concussion blow." Quite possibly to himself. George throws in a comment that he will be surprised if he's safe, because he's barely sure which one is Kaysar. Kaysar says that this week was an especially hard time to be HoH, as you knew he would. His week is always extra-important. Kaysar says that he wants to know where people are aligned, and promises us that "their true colors will be exposed."

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