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Six Fingers, And None Of Them Worked

All the houseguests are called to the dining room table for the "nomination ceremony." I wish we could stop calling it a ceremony. I'm thinking about Vincent Price and the tiki idol. It's taboo! The first key pulled from the box is Howie's. Howie pulls Jase. Then James. Janelle. Marcellas. Erika. Danielle. Mike (Will makes a face here). Will. And...Chicken George. Meaning that Kaysar has made the "power" "move" of putting up Nakomis and Diane. Yeesh. He explains that his reasons are that they're both such great players. "Your reputation precedes you," he tells Nakomis. I like the fact that he speaks in old movie clichés. Diane DRs that she's not happy being nominated next to the only person she likes. Kaysar says that nominations are supposed to be "a catalyst for things to come." Well, sure. Why use them to get rid of someone? Just stir the pot! Make people not like you! See if you can get someone really pissed! Great plan! Nakomis tells us that she didn't play well at first, and that she's been playing sloppy. I'm not sure she played sloppy. The first couple of evictions tend to be really, really random. Don't feel bad, crazy-hair!

Mike looks right into the camera in the diary room: "Do I think it was a good idea for Kaysar to nominate two floaters -- NO! He should have nominated me and Will! It was his opportunity!" Not that Kaysar, and many other people, won't have other opportunities to get rid of Will and Mike, neither of whom will win, but I do tend to think that if you're in one tight group, and there's a chance to break apart the most notorious other tight group around which people seem to be grouping themselves, you know, do that, rather than trying to eliminate "floaters" or "find out where people's allegiances are" or make "true colors" emerge or whatever. Just nominate! Vote them out! Get rid of your enemies! They're called enemies for a reason!


We open with clips of Sunday's nomination show. Good times. What a ride.

And then we get...even more clips. Blue and white Rehash-O-Vision of Kaysar nominating Nakomis and Diane. Remember? It happened a page ago or so.

It is now Day 12, and Diane is using her time to note the fact that "being nominated sucks." Marcellas says that he's not happy at all about Kaysar's "lame-ass" decision to pass up the chance to go after Mike and Will and instead target "two girls." Girls! Honestly! What a waste of all that nominating power! Girls never win! Marcellas knows that from his season, which was won by...never mind. Anyway. Janelle says that "Kaysar took the easy way out" because he doesn't want to make Mike and Will his enemies. For his part, however, Will thinks that Kaysar bought some time by putting weaker people up rather than immediately going after him and Mike. Nakomis tells Kaysar that she understands it's not personal, but in the DR, she says that she shouldn't have been perceived as threatening. Kaysar returns to his theme that Nakomis is "stealth." He seems overly fearful of her, to me.

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