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Goodnight, Sweet Chicken

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Goodnight, Sweet Chicken

Votes. Zach and Daniele both vote to evict Eric.

Julie tells Eric he's punted. You can tell Jameka REALLY thinks it's going to be her; Eric doesn't look surprised at all. Jameka and Eric have a long hug, and then he hugs everyone else. As he makes his way to the door, Daniele hugs Jameka, who's sobbing in relief. At the door, Eric pauses to say that they sent "the Philadelphia lawyer to the jury." Ooooh, we're so scared! Not Philadelphia! What? Anyway, Dick's all, "It was nothing personal," but of course part of Eric's story is that he needs to be the guy who left classy, and says he has no hard feelings and wishes everyone well. Daniele tells Eric to give their regards to Jen, and Eric replies that he hopes she's dead by shark attack. Ha ha ha! Actually, that's probably the least gory fate anyone (Dick) has imagined for her in the house, from what I've heard. And then, Eric is gone.

In the aftermath, there's some hissy strategy talk between Daniele and Dick that I totally can't make out without subtitles, and then Daniele's all flirtily congratulating Zach on his veto win, stringing him along in their alliance with the hint that she might make out with him at some point if he earns it, and then more post-mortem about Jameka's blue ball (hee), and her guess that it bounced in.

And then, back to the Chenderdome. Eric is effortfully acting upbeat, telling Julie he's at peace with his eviction, though he passive-aggressively implies to America that if he'd been in control of his own destiny, the people who ousted him would have been gone by now. Oh, REALLY? Hey, as I recall, America had no say in what you did with the veto you won last week. I'll absolutely give it to Eric that America was high when it told him to vote to keep Dick in the house instead of Dustin, because that was some bullshit. But there was nothing stopping him from vetoing either Amber's or Zach's nominations the one and only time he won a veto, so WHATEVER. Julie's like, "Passive-aggressively calling out America, huh?" Eric whines that it was hard to balance his marching orders with his own goals, but that he honoured America's wishes, even when America was pulling for the people who ended up sending Eric out. And then, Jessica. Eric gets a little pissy to have his real, sincere, passionate love affair with Jessica demeaned as a mere "showmance," and says that his affection for her didn't obstruct his gameplay, but he's mad at America for fucking her over, through him. Why you so down on America, boy? It helped you earn $40,000! That'll buy you a lot of cheesesteaks! Apparently!

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