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How Do You Spell "Blabbermouth?"

Time to pick the Veto players. Obviously Rachel and Brendon are playing automatically, as are Adam and Dominic, and the "randomly" selected other duo is Jeff and Jordan. I'd like to see into this bag that they draw the names out of some time. Daniele's not happy about this, as she says in the DR. Rachel also names Porsche as the host for the competition, so Porsche's sucking up has clearly paid off. Not for us, as we'll see.

After some talk between Jeff and Jordan about whether he wants to do her right now (it's totally hypothetical, though), Jeff says he wants Daniele out soon. Jordan wonders if keeping Dominic might be worth it to cement their alliance with Daniele. But Jeff doesn't trust Daniele, and he's also kind of resentful of how easy it is for her right now. And we all know how dangerous petty resentment can be in this game.

Daniele visits Brendon and Rachel, and when Rachel tells her that Dominic has agreed to throw the veto, she's all, "Whyyyy?" She's pushing harder for Jeff and Jordan to go, but Brendon and Rachel point out they can do that even if they win the Veto instead of Dominic, and they still want to keep their options open. And they seem pretty suspicious of Daniele when she leaves. In an ideal bit of timing, Jeff and Jordan come in, and they all agree that Daniele's in a perfect position -- especially if the two veteran couples turn against each other. The only thing Rachel knows is that she or Brendon has to win the Veto. So what else is new?

Porsche comes out in a robe and bikini to announce the veto competition. In the backyard, a giant bathtub has been set up, with a giant papier-mâché woman's head and legs visible over the suds, the "legs" bristling with long, brown cardboard tubes representing hairs. Jordan tells us that Jeff gets grossed out by hairy legs, including hers. "Keep it clean down there," Jeff avers in the DR. "Everywhere." Then he gives his most winning smile to show us he's not really the sexist pig his words make him sound like.

So, here's how the game works: Each hair can be pulled out, revealing a letter of the alphabet at the root. Each player has to collect as many letters as possible can and then spell the longest word they can with them, in ten minutes. Jeff flashes back to two years ago, when he lost with the imaginary word "tectronics." He just hopes this'll be his chance to redeem himself.

Dominic reminds us that he made a deal to throw the PoV, and Brendon says he and Rachel need the control because they can't trust anyone -- which is because everyone hates them, but he doesn't complete the thought. Jeff also wants to win and keep the nominations the same, but Adam says he has to win to control his own destiny. So says the bald, bearded, bacon-loving cork bobbing helplessly on the tides of the Big Brother house.

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