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How Do You Spell "Blabbermouth?"

Porsche (whose "host" voice is, if possible, even more annoying than Rachel's) says go, and the players start running in, grabbing one hair at a time as soap suds start flying. Rachel nearly chokes on the flying bubbles, which can only mean one thing: more bubbles. Dominic is throwing the competition almost literally, tossing letters aside instead of keeping them. Everyone else is talking in the DR about the words and letters they're going for. Jeff hits his button, and Jordan does soon after. Adam is searching for the one letter he still needs to spell "procrastination," but he'd do well to stop putting off hitting his button. "Where is the 'P' in the pool?" he frets in the DR, at least refraining from laughing at his own joke. With less than a minute left, he decides he needs to come up with something else, and he and the rest of the players hit their buttons in the final seconds.

Jordan spelled "little," and she even spelled it correctly, so she's in the lead so far. She tells us it was between that or "farting," but she went with the cleaner option. "And I'm okay with that." Reason nine million why Jordan and I can never be together. Dominic spelled "standings," so again the guy throwing the PoV did better at it than Jordan. Brendon is still not impressed with Dominic's throwing skills. Maybe he was trying not to make it obvious, Brendon. By the way, "obvious" has seven letters. Rachel spelled "mouisturizing," but with that U in there, the brains of the operation blew it. Adam came up with "fractions," tying Dominic's letter count but still beating him because he buzzed in first. Jeff spelled "expresses," another nine-letter word, not only erasing the sting of "tectronics" but stealing the lead from Adam because he buzzed in before Adam did. Now it's down to Brendon, who correctly spelled "understanding," so he's won the PoV.

And the gloating begins. Dominic figures this means he can start making moves, while Adam is not feeling safe at all, like anyone cares about him one way or the other. And Brendon says it's all down to him and Rachel this week. Again.

America's Vote, Have-Not menu, blah blah who cares.

In the backyard, Rachel and Daniele have a whispered conversation. Rachel seems to be feeling Daniele out by suggesting getting rid of Lawon, which everyone knows is the lowest possible priority for everyone. Daniele wisely doesn't jump on that, instead pressing her idea to get rid of Jeff and Jordan rather than going for anything that saves Dominic. Speaking of whom, Daniele keeps pushing Rachel to trust Dominic. "He has done everything she has asked," Daniele DRs. When she puts it that way...

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