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James steps up and says something nasty about Erika as well, this time because she "blamed it on everyone else" that she wouldn't "help him" when he was at risk of being evicted. He claims that his vote will be based on "the person who played the game the best," which apparently is solely determined by what he has decided is his opinion of the quality of the answer that person gave when refusing to keep him from being evicted. That certainly seems like an odd way to evaluate "who played the best." Or else possibly "who's a bigger suck-up," but James isn't smart enough to get there.

Mercifully, the voting is over, which means that perhaps we could hope that the horrifying pile-on in which the show and the jury attempt to humiliate Erika may finally be over. Julie promises that when we come back, the first five people evicted will come back to talk about what was said in the diary room. And that's when you realize that it's not at all over, because it's the theme of the night. This is Humiliate Erika Night, and they're going to ride it to the end, because it's the only way not to make the outcome look jaw-droppingly horrifying.

When we return, Julie shows us that Diane, Jase, Nakomis, Kaysar, and Alison are sitting up on stage, and they, of course, have seen all the shows, unlike the jury. She starts with Kaysar, and she asks him what he has to say to Janelle, having seen all the shows. How mean was everyone to Janelle? Let's discuss everything that was said about Janelle! Of course, you'd think that if treatment were going to be fair, you'd humiliate Janelle by showing Will talking about turning her into a "fembot" and so forth, but that's not the script. So instead, the segment shows James calling her a bunch of dumb names in the diary room -- something that makes him look bad, instead of something that makes her look bad. James is unpopular and Will is popular, so the Madonna gets to hear insults about herself by the unpopular guy, not by the guy who actually played her. James tries to defend himself, but Janelle is given first crack, and makes the absolute bullshit claim that she assumed James had her back because they were in an alliance. She keeps forgetting that there were cameras around the entire time, and that she said from the first week that she didn't trust him, so we know it's not the case at all that she was knocked on her ass by his failure to be 100% on her side. She shrugs the whole thing off by calling him "a whiner."

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