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Erika's parents are sitting in the audience for this. Mike tries to look sympathetic for a split second, but he grins with satisfaction.

I have to the suggestion here that Mike has dignity? That Erika compares unfavorably to Mike because he has more dignity than she does? Of course not. Look at him. Look at what he is; he has no dignity. You know who else has no dignity? Alison. You know who else has no dignity? Any of these people. So why is Erika being singled out? Erika is being singled out because she tried to have dignity. She wanted it, and she thought she could have it, and they all love the fact that she came off just as badly and as embarrassingly as the rest of them. She tried to be "nice," to make goodbye videos where she cried over evicting people and prattled at length about how difficult it was for her to boot people she cared about. She got into a romantic situation she foolishly believed was actually genuine in spite of having thousands of reasons to know better, and she basically begged not to be treated like a "ho-mance." Erika isn't being punished and ridiculed because she doesn't have dignity; she's being punished and ridiculed because she made the mistake of admitting she wanted it, and failing miserably at keeping it. Better to be Mike, they all think -- better to throw yourself full-throttle into name-dropping and preening and shit-talking everyone in the DR and never admitting to a genuine emotion. They all love this because she did look at the beginning like she was a little more decent than most -- she did look a little more sane, a little less overinvested -- a little boring, but a little less embarrassing, kind of like Kaysar. Seeing her brought down...seeing her start smoking again, seeing her look haggard, seeing her snuggle up to a guy who is literally laughing behind her back...they love it. Remember, Alison has seen the whole show. Alison already saw Mike gloat about proving to America that Erika is a whore, and nothing about that made Alison like Mike any less, or made her think that maybe it wasn't necessary to grind this in Erika's face. She wanted to pound Erika just as much as before, even knowing what was already on Erika's plate. Buy yourself some dignity, says Alison Irwin. And thanks for giving the rest of us somebody we can treat like trash. It's nice to be off the bottom rung.

And here, we see those DR sessions, particularly the famous one in which Mike announces with pride that he has exposed Erika as a whore. And when he's done watching it now in real time, Mike is still grinning with excitement, knowing that it was his crowning moment. Asked what she thinks of all that, Erika does the only thing she really can, and she says, "Hey, I'm sitting here in the final two. Obviously, it did, uh...we played each other. I mean, that's the Big Brother game." It's a bullshit answer, but I understand her choosing it over "Well, I don't know, Julie. How would you feel if you found out someone you were sleeping with was a misogynist sociopath and had been calling you a whore on television?" Mike tries for a defense by saying that some of the nastiest of those comments happened right after Will left -- which is true, but irrelevant. "Well, I was upset, so naturally I called her a whore" is not a very persuasive way of bringing people over to your side, in my humble opinion. He also throws in "it's an edited television show," which would be much more convincing if there weren't live feeds from the house that run constantly, on which he was seen doing things like discussing how he was going to piss in a bottle and throw it on Janelle. However disgusting he came off on television, it appears to be the case that on average, increasing exposure to his unedited behavior made him appear more revolting, not less revolting, based on my highly unscientific study.

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