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At this moment, Janelle appears at the door leading out into the yard, wearing a tight red dress and her prom-queen crown, which I am nominating for Most Self-Fulfilling Prop Of The Season. She pauses, poses, and says to them, "Hello, guys." Marcellas yelps in pain. Not another victim of surplus awesomeness! Janelle comes over and hugs Danielle, then everyone else. She sits down to talk. She explains how Erika won, and then Mike won. Will jumps in to say that he predicts Erika and Mike made a deal and Erika threw the last competition, and Janelle nods knowingly, despite the fact that she has no idea whether that happened or not. Perhaps she's so used to having competitions thrown to her that she assumes all victories are the result of backroom deals. "Erika is a backstabbing B-I-T-C-H," Janelle says, too pure to swear. Of course, I seem to remember hearing her use that word without spelling it, so I'm not sure she's going to sell this. "Erika is the ultimate floater that I pray to God will not win," Janelle says melodramatically, waving her arms for effect. "Please, God, do not let Erika win." (God: "La la la la la la la, I can't heeeeear you.") "She's horrible," Janelle nearly spits. Remember, Janelle has no idea whether Erika threw the competition or didn't. Erika lost by one question, which does not provide very solid evidence. "Do not let a floater win this game!" Janelle demands, poking her finger at Marcellas.

A joke for you: A raisin walks into a bank. He says to the bank teller that he needs a loan, because he wants to buy a car, like one of those cute little Miatas he sees all over the place. The loan officer asks him whether he has any collateral. "What's collateral?" asks the raisin. The lady explains that collateral is what secures your loan. "Do you own a home?" The raisin explains that he's a renter. "Do you own any jewelry?" she asks. The raisin says no. "Do you own any expensive electronic equipment?" The raisin says no. "Well," the lady says, "I don't know if we're going to be able to get you a loan. Is it possible you could go and ask for an advance at your job?" The raisin looks at her. "My 'job'? Lady, I'm a raisin."

Danielle, who was an early floater herself, points out that this entire anti-floating thing is ridiculous. "What's the difference between a 'floater' and somebody who has multiple alliances?" Marcellas wonders, finding a truffle of wisdom as a blind pig will always do from time to time. Danielle then points out what will be the elephant in the room for the remainder of this episode, which is the enormous crush of gender politics that are seeping through this whole discussion. She notes that they're sitting here talking about the way the two of them played, and it seems to her that when a woman is perceived as "the villain," she's a horrible person, and when a man is the same way, he's just considered a good player. In pointing this out, Danielle joins everyone who has ever noted that men are never called "shrill," that "bitch" is used both for women who are nasty and for women who do their jobs, and that of the twelve people who have won Survivor, there have been seven men who have won, more than half of whom were controlling "leaders," and five women, none of whom were "leaders." Marcellas waves his arm in agreement. Danielle points out that everything Erika did -- lying, playing both sides of everything -- is the very same stuff that Mike did. Erika got herself to the final two, and it seems that people are mad because they fell for what she did and never bothered to get rid of her. "That's not her fault; that's our fault," Danielle says. Marcellas points out that Erika was repeatedly on the block and didn't go home.

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