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A joke for you: A string walks into a bar. He orders a margarita. "I'm sorry," the bartender says. "We don't serve string." The string leaves. He comes back a few minutes later and orders a whiskey sour. "Hey. We don't...serve...string," the bartender says, more insistently. The string leaves again. Out in the alley, he decides to put on a disguise. He loops himself around and ties himself up, and he messes up his ends a little bit so that he looks scruffier. He walks back into the bar and orders a white wine spritzer. The bartender starts to make it, but then he turns back around slowly. "Heeeey," he says. "Aren't you that string that was in here a few minutes ago?" "No," says the string. "I'm a frayed knot."

Anyway, Janelle goes on to say of Will and Mike, "They're responsible for everyone's eviction." Except, of course, according to her own theory, her eviction and Will's eviction, which are Erika's fault. "Erika deserves to win this game," Howie begins, and Janelle jumps in, genuinely shrieking, as if she's genuinely desperate, "No, she does not!" very embarrassing for her. Howie finishes: "... more than anybody in the history of this game. Her game was so transparent, but yet twelve, thirteen all-stars left her in the game week after week after week when we knew what she was doing?" Janelle keeps saying "no" while Howie is talking. She is coming off...weird and unhinged here, not to mention having a very hard time letting anyone else have the group's attention for more than ten seconds. I don't know if she's drunk at this stage, but she's kind of acting drunk. George talks about what a good job Erika did of "whispering in everybody's ear." Marcellas says that he thinks they "shouldn't undervalue Erika's game," because she came into the game alone, which Mike, of course, did not. Erika didn't have her best friend with her to lead and protect her, as he points out. Will jumps in, talking about how he and Mike were this well-known alliance, and they made it anyway, and "that's not luck." I don't think Marcellas said Mike's getting to the end was luck. I think Marcellas said that one thing in Erika's favor is that she didn't have a built-in alliance, which is true, and she got to the end anyway, which is true. The fact that Mike got to the end in spite of being a conspicuous target is similarly an argument in favor of his game, but that doesn't really answer the thing about Erika. Will keeps kind of...not addressing what's being raised, no? That makes me suspicious that he doesn't have a very good argument.

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