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George asks Erika about how she kept telling him that he was safe, and then she voted him out. How does she think he feels about that? Erika tells him, using a preposterous and icky-sounding overload of "Georgies," that she had to keep Mike in the game for her own good. My favorite part is that Mike makes this disbelieving, "bitch crazy" face -- not eye-rolling, and not angry, but like she's a nut, like he can't imagine she would claim she kept him in the game out of self-interest, even though it's fairly obvious that she did. It's amazing how hard he's working to ridicule her for claiming that she did anything because it helped her in the game and not because of her personal feelings. He'd rather have these people think she did what she did because he made out with her and was a horrible, dishonest piece of crap than because she acted out of self-interest. As Erika tries to answer, Janelle is spazzing out again, doing this dramatic thumbs-down while Erika is talking. Pay attention to meeeeeee! Stop looking at her! Pay attention to meeeeeeee!

Mike and Will act out another phone call, which everyone agrees is hilarious, because this is the story they've all agreed to. Mike and Will are just a couple of fun fraternity brothers having fun with a couple of dumb suckers. And you know whose fault that is? The dumb suckers. This is the story this little group has decided on, including Janelle, who is happy to be a dumb sucker if it means everyone will pat her on the head and give her a crown, and it makes no difference what happens at this point. Everything Erika does to try to help herself makes no difference, because being polite just makes her more of a dumb sucker. Everything Mike does that's disgusting and smug just makes him more of a fun fraternity brother. This is just how it is this year, and there's no way out of it.

And now, it's time for Janelle to ask her question, and more specifically for her to continue self-destructing in her attempt to destroy Erika. "Erika, was kissing butt and throwing competitions part of your strategy?" Not a question, of course. Just "My question is YOU SUCK." Erika says that the only competition she threw was to Danielle. (Feedwatchers will tell you Erika assured Mike she did throw him the final HoH competition, but also admitted at other times that she hadn't, so nobody actually knows whether she did or didn't.) (Janelle, of course, has no access to any of that information at this point, and thus has, as stated previously, no idea whether that happened.) As to butt-kissing, Erika says that she "had [Janelle's] back and would have definitely taken" Janelle to the finals. Janelle waggles her finger, because she knows what is in other people's heads at all times. Interestingly, Erika said numerous things in the DR that suggested that she did intend -- at least when she originally made the deal with Janelle -- to take Janelle to F2. She talked about wanting to get rid of Mike, she talked about wanting Janelle to win the second half of the competition...she had no reason to lie at those points, that I can think of. The idea that she was making the entire thing up all along is not supported by what we know. Mike goes back to his disbelieving face, but he doesn't know either. He has no way of knowing what Erika intended. It doesn't seem to have occurred to him that she probably wouldn't have told him the truth about whether she threw the competition or not.

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