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Britney vs. Brendon vs. Brigade

Looks like nominations are happening that same day. Brendon says Britney better stick to their deal. "I will put her up next week and I will send her home," he threatens. Yes, good luck with that. Matt doesn't want to go back on the block right after coming down. Enzo says he hopes she doesn't nominate him, "for Britney's sake." Because it's Britney that he's looking out for. Which might explain why he's always glancing off to the side in the DR. Who are you looking at, Enzo? There's no one else in there. While loading the key box, Britney narrates a standard speech about how this is a hard decision, because one person is still going to be here next week and pissed off at her. Yeah, that's what happens.

Tiny little Britney wrestles the giant key box onto the dining room table to start the nomination ceremony. Safe this week are Hayden, Ragan, Lane, and Matt, which makes Brendon and Enzo the nominees. Britney tells Enzo that he's the only person who hasn't been on the block, and this isn't an attack, because she adores him. Then she turns to Brendon and accuses him of "coming after her" last week, which is just about the one thing she could have said to him that makes the least sense.

In fact, Brendon pouts in the DR about how Britney's word is no good any more. Matt's fine with either of the two nominees leaving. Britney assures us in the DR that even though everybody told her to nominate Matt, "I know exactly what I'm doing and we will see what happens after the Veto." Enzo vows to win the Veto, and "work my magic to get Matty up in the block. It's my game, you haven't heard the last of me," he boasts. Unfortunately the credits roll before we learn how this game can belong to anyone who hasn't won a single HoH or PoV competition or really accomplished anything but assembling a hapless, jump-the-gun alliance whose main characteristic at present is its wish to ditch its most competitive member.

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