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Hell Freezes Over

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Hell Freezes Over

Sheila summons Ryan up to the HoH to get him to promise to remove Adam from the block if he wins PoV. Ryan quickly makes the promise, and they agree that she, Ryan, and Adam will go to the final three. After Ryan leaves, Adam heads up for his own audience with the HoH, and Sheila promises him that Ryan's down with the plan. Actually, Ryan's down on the main floor with Natalie, who's already proposing plans for next week to him. Which, naturally, involve getting rid of Sheila. Sheila points out to Adam that even though they're the last couple still in the game, they can't afford to look like one. So that's another reason to stick to the plan. Adam sees what she's saying, but is obviously still worried.

And after Adam is gone, Natalie goes up to Sheila to make sure Sheila's sticking to the plan. Sheila pretends to agree, but when Natalie promises to have Sheila's back next week, Sheila knows Nat's full of shit. However, she manages to refrain from saying, "Don't worry about next week; you won't be here." That probably would have been counterproductive.

Sheila deliberates about her nominations, while her potential targets make their predictions. Natalie trusts Sheila to stick to the deal, Sharon is nervous that "the pawn could become the target," and Adam is also concerned that things could go wrong and he'll end up paying the price. Sheila, in turn feels like she's "finally playing this game." It's hard to argue with that; mostly she's just been a passenger on this bus for the past two months. A noisy, irritating passenger who keeps wanting to change the route, but a passenger nonetheless.

Sheila wrestles the giant key box onto the dining room table, and gets all shaky-voiced as she makes her pre-nomination speech. She pulls Natalie's key, and Natalie pulls Ryan's. So that's Adam and Sharon on the block, just as agreed. Sheila tells Adam that he did this to her lat week, after all, but her return nomination isn't out of revenge or anger. And to Sharon, all she says is, "good luck with the PoV." Wow, that would be cold if she actually meant it.

In the DR, Adam is hopeful that this plan to boot Natalie is going to work and not backfire on him. And Sharon, also from the DR, repeats her plan to keep her mouth shut and watch someone else leave. Ironically, she says so, as always, at top volume. STOP SCREAMING AT ME, SHARON! Jesus. Natalie is happy that "Team Christ" is still together, after all they've been through. And Sheila DRs that she won't think twice about knocking Natalie out of the house. She says that "old Sheila" used to take it on the chin, but "new Sheila" is ready to show everyone what she's capable of. We've heard promises like that from her before. Also, both Sheilas are pretty old.

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