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A Fistful of Weenies

Why is the answer to "Who wants to see my HoH room?" never "Nobody"? After seeing some photos of Jessie doing stuff like measuring his arms, Jordan tells us she's not impressed. Lydia, however, digs the photo of his motorcycle. Who said it was Jessie's motorcycle? Natalie teases Jessie about how she plans to wear a new t-shirt Big Brother gave him. Lydia is quietly not amused. For now.

Outside, Jeff and Casey discuss whether Jessie will stick to the plan of evicting Ronnie. Jordan's there too, but she's wearing that usual blank look indicating that this is all over her head. Natalie comes out, and Casey talks about some of the reasons Jessie might consider himself a target, and that he wouldn't want to add "saved Ronnie" to the list. Natalie sees right through the thin veil over that threat, and heads right in to report back to Jessie. Russell joins the twosome over the chessboard, and Natalie DRs about her influence over Jessie. "I would be ecstatic to see Ronnie stay and Casey go," she says.

Jessie and Lydia share an evening snuggle in the hammock out back. Lydia confesses in the DR to a "kindergarten crush" on Jessie. The music editors have some fun here, playing sensitive music as Lydia tries to talk to him about "angels" and then switching back and forth to goofy music every time Jessie interrupts her to ask if she's got fake eyelashes or a pierced tongue or to make her feel his hair. In the DR, Jessie talks about how Lydia is like a caterpillar, in her cocoon until someone lets her be a "beautiful butterfly." You, know, just like Jessie. The sad thing is that I think he's kind of serious.

Ronnie has decided to start mending fences, and he's beginning with Michele. Which I guess is like practice or warm-up. Even she's not buying it, though.

The Jessie/Lydia cuddlefest is in a new venue: the backyard couch. Lydia begs for a kiss on the cheek, and he just slaps one on there with his hand. I think that everyone except Lydia can clearly see what Jessie is just not that into, because there are no mirrors out there. Kevin, Lydia, and Natalie come outside, and suddenly the atmosphere becomes very tense. At least according to the background music. When Lydia goes to refill her water glass, Natalie snuggles up to Jessie causing some sever grumpiness from Lydia when she returns to find that not only is her spot taken, Jessie is massaging groans out of Natalie. Kevin DRs about the situation: "Lydia's into Jessie, Natalie's, into Jessie, Jessie's into Jessie, so Jessie's sitting pretty right now." Hee. Lydia, Kevin, and Chima head inside, so Natalie can talk shit about Lydia to Jessie. Who, in turn, is not as comfortable with the situation as Kevin might think. "It's not always a good thing to be ridiculously good-looking," Jessie DRs. Is that what Jeff told him?

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