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A Fistful of Weenies

Jordan goes to the HoH room to present her case to Jessie and Natalie for evicting Ronnie. Really, all she wants is to not be the pawn again. Jordan then reports back to Jeff that Jessie says he's not planning to go against the house. Jeff wants to believe.

New America's vote, again for the H/H-N food: squash & squid, Brussels sprouts & borscht, or liverwurst & black licorice? How about letting America vote on something better? That would be my vote.

Kevin and Russell swing in the hammock and talk relationships. Russell says he gets bored in relationships, and "ran out" of girlfriends. Whereas Kevin is in a nine-year relationship, which Russell seems to totally respect, both to Kevin's face and in the DR. Aww.

Lydia sets up the conflict that's about to erupt: with all the rotating between beds and bedrooms as a result of the Have-Not bedcube in the mix, , Natalie is the only person who hasn't changed beds or shared with someone. So let's sit back and watch this ignite. While people are discussing the sleeping arrangements for the week, Lydia calls Natalie out for her inflexibility, and then decides to prove her point by staying up all night. Nice way to show she's the grown-up here. Out in the back yard alone with Kevin, he tells her this is a terrible idea. Meanwhile, up in the HoH room, Natalie tells Jessie that she's done talking to Lydia. Which I can only assume is her way of maintaining her cover as an 18-year-old. In fact, she wants Jessie to put Lydia up, although she won't say so in as many words.

Jessie goes to Lydia to invite her to talk, but Lydia isn't any more interested in talking to Natalie than Natalie is in talking to her. Jessie at least has enough of a brain in his head not to enjoy being caught between two petulant nutcases.

Nominations today. Jessie thoughtfully looks over the memory wall, adding to the alleged drama by taking out a few keys to look at the names. Meanwhile, Casey DRs that Jessie had better evict Ronnie, who in turn says he feels as safe as he could with Jessie as HoH. Michele frets that nobody cares if she leaves. For once, she's nailed it. Jessie again says this is about himself, and he has someone in mind to get rid of.

Everyone gathers around for the nomination ceremony. As always, the HoH's clique-mates are safe, so Russell, Jeff, and Natalie get their keys right away. [I love this, saves so much time watching them pull keys out! -- Angel] The rest of the safe people, in order, are Chima, Kevin, Casey, Lydia, and... Ronnie. So much for the plan. That leaves Michele and Jordan as the nominees. Jessie declines to explain himself: "That's it," is all he says by way of adjourning the meeting. At least he's pissed off the entire house pretty much evenly. Michele tries to stay positive, but Jordan DRs her hope that she and Michele are just pawns so Ronnie can be backdoored. Jessie does share some of his warped thoughts with us in the DR; he understates, "Michele and Jordan aren't exactly killer instinct competitors. More than likely, they're not going to win the PoV." So far, so good. Hopefully I can win the PoV. Then, fingers crossed, I can hopefully backdoor someone I really want out of this house." He's not sharing who that might be, though. As for Ronnie, he gloats over his pardon from Jessie. Whatever Ronnie's other weaknesses might be, he is if nothing else a champion gloater.

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