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Hayden's third HoH room. Nobody cares, except that Lane disapproves of the "frou-frou hair shampoo... it's blue. I don't like it." Letter from home, blah blah blah.

Lane is trying to start the gas grill. All the rapid-fire clicking has Britney convinced it's going to blow up. Which is does, a little, but fortunately Lane had the lid closed so all that happened was some mild shaking of the nearest camera mount shook. Too bad; this show needs more explosions.

Everyone comes back inside, to find a new, smaller "final-four" table in the dining room. Lane is excited, because now he has a one in three chance. "Or is it four? Do I count myself? Because I can beat myself." Indeed, he's doing it right now.

Lane congratulates Hayden on winning HoH, but Hayden's worrying that being seen as a strong competitor is going to make others reluctant to take him to the final two. He and Lane quietly agree to take each other. And then Lane quietly goes and tells Enzo, "Will you win another competition please? And then you can take me to the final two." Enzo promises to take him if he wins, and Hayden offers to throw him the next PoV. Sounds like a deal.

The houseguests are allowed into the backyard to find a table with a big pig with a gold medallion around its neck, as well as some big fake coins with one of the final four's names on each one. Hayden reads the card addressed to HoH, which tell them they're about to compete in a luxury competition, which it's really not. They'll each have 90 seconds to run into the house and hide their coins one at a time. Then everyone will run in together to hunt the coins, and whoever's coin gets found last will win $10,000. Enzo hides his behind some wall decorations, Hayden tucks his into the bottom of an unopened cereal box ("Genius," he declares, which, if he hasn't figured out by now that every time he says that he jinxes himself he never will), and Lane puts his in the recycling bin, under the liner, since none of his housemates use it anyway. Britney uses the kitchen trash can for the same reason, tucking hers inside an empty cereal box and then pouring some "filth" in on top of it. If you can't hide it, make it gross. Which I think is, coincidentally, Rachel's philosophy regarding her personal aesthetic.

The search begins, and the place is immediately ransacked. "How much worse can the house really get?" Britney rhetorically asks in the DR. Pretty bad. At least Hayden brings the kitchen trash outside instead of dumping it all over the floor. His coin is the first to be found, by Enzo of all people, so Hayden's out of the search, although he pretends to be cool with not having a target on his back. After all, nobody knows he scammed five grand in the PoV competition that was supposed to turn Brendon a couple of weeks ago. Enzo and Lane are playing the strategy of "searching" near their hiding spots to scare everyone else away, which is not going to help either of them find anything. They're about ready to give up after a long search. "It's like waiting for the ending of one of the Harry Potter movies, "Lane complains in the DR. Goddamn you, Lane, don't even talk to me about waiting for the end of something. Enzo nearly finds Lane's in the recycling, and then so does Britney, but first she finds Enzo's on the wall, prompting him to actually bite his knuckle in the DR. Now that he's out of the competition, Britney and Lane keep searching, with her repeatedly rooting through the recycling bin while Lane watches her out of the corner of his eye. Finally she lifts out the liner and finds Lane's coin, so she's $10,000 richer. "She's gonna use that for lipstick and leggings!" Lane DRs bitterly. And he was going to use it on beer and muscle milk. "You just won a vacation to the jury house," Enzo sour grapes to the DR after Britney shows where hers was hidden -- inside a cereal box in the trash, where no one thought to look. Or was too grossed out to look, which with these dudes is saying something.

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