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And now, tonight's episode of "These People Have Gone Stir-Crazy Theatre." Britney is tired of everyone sleeping all day, so she instigates a pillow fight in the backyard. Those things fly surprisingly straight, it turns out. Afterward, Hayden goes back to bed. Mission accomplished!

In the HoH room, Britney whines to Lane about wanting to go home and find out if she's even still engaged. Lane, of course, already knows that Nick's not the one for her -- he is. So he gets her to tell him the kind of guy she wants. Not that he's going to be that way.

Hayden and Enzo lounge on the HoH bed talking about how they need to get Britney out, because otherwise she'll win it all. But then they realize that Lane's in a pretty good position, so maybe they should get rid of him instead. And as Enzo remarks, given what happened with Matt, it wouldn't be the first time the Brigade flipped on a member. So what's it good for, again?

Now Britney's in the HoH bed with Hayden, who realizes that he has to maintain relations with Britney lest she wins PoV this week. Which, pointing out that she just won $10,000 may not be the best way to do that. On the other hand, even though Britney says she'd rather stay than have $10,000, she doesn't offer Hayden the money to not nominate her.

Nominations. Britney's expecting to get nominated, because she's cheap. Lane's hoping Enzo will be up against Britney, but Enzo says he doesn't want to be the pawn again, and expects Hayden to put up Lane opposite Britney so he and Hayden can decide which of them to take the final three. Man, I do have to give Enzo credit -- I've never seen anyone pimp out other people's coattails so effectively. And Hayden's strategy for deciding between Enzo and Lane -- the two people he's made final-two deals with -- is "who's gonna be less pissed about going up as a pawn." We're about to find out.

Hayden calls the nomination ceremony. The giant key box with its one key isn't much smaller than the new table. And the key Hayden pulls is...Enzo's. So that's Lane and Britney on the block together, just as I predicted. I don't get my predictions right very often, so I have to crow a little when I do. Hayden tells them it's not personal, and that they all have a chance to play for the Veto. Which, whoever wins it, will unilaterally decide the next evictee. Unless, ironically, the PoV winner is Hayden, in which case it'll be up to Enzo. As it is with most of Hayden's decisions. Britney DRs that it's a do or die PoV for her. Lane says he needs Britney with him in the final two, which means he needs to win that veto and send Enzo home. And Enzo astutely says he needs to win the veto, or he's going home. It's every dude for himself, now. Which must be a cold, hard realization for someone who got to the final four by getting three other people to protect him for absolutely no reason.

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