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The Fickle Finger of the Athletes

Jordan and Jeff flirt over his feet. "No use to me at all," Russell DRs of his clique-mate. Next day, he does some handstand push-ups and shadowboxing in the yard, while Jeff smirks at him from the elliptical trainer. Russell says he plans to go after Jeff, which he does by loudly mocking him for his performance in the competition in front of everyone, thinking that'll embarrass Jeff instead of making himself look like a dick in front of everyone. Unfortunately, Jeff plays into it, responding in kind, and when Russell goes inside and Jeff sees Natalie looking at him, he snaps at her before she even opens her mouth, "Don't start. Go inside with your team." But they argue anyway, mostly about Jeff's disengagement from his team. She calls him out, accusing him of wanting to keep his hands clean, which isn't a bad point, but it kind of degenerates from there. It's getting a little schoolyard up in here. Well, except for the fact that all the other people in the yard just watch quietly instead of cheering on one side or the other.

Lydia decides to deploy her massage/sucking up skills on Veto-holder Russell, who claims to her that he wasn't the one who wanted her out. Lydia believes his lie that it was Natalie's idea, and pulls a pretty good judo move by saying, "You'll do what Natalie wants." Russell washes his hands of it, so Lydia goes up to Jessie in the HoH room to subtly taunt him for doing Natalie's bidding. Natalie enters to say goodnight, and they have kind of a low-key argument that they seem to quickly resolve. With that accomplished, Lydia can shine the light on the emerging alliance between Jeff and Braden, and the two Athletes seem open to putting up Braden as a replacement nominee. Mainly to fuck with Jeff. These guys really are a powerhouse. One you can play like a cheap violin.

After Lydia goes to bed, Russell joins Jessie and Natalie in the HoH room, and they discuss backdooring Braden. And the dynamic has changed again. "I think Braden's ass needs to go home," Natalie sums up. It's like steering a Jet-Ski with these people.

Next day, Russell pulls Ronnie into the supply room and lines up his vote to evict Braden. Ronnie agrees, but then runs to Jordan and Jeff to tell them about the plan. They are so not down with that, and the three of them decide to warn Braden. Ronnie DRs that he's trying to be an asset to everyone. Because that always works out so well.

Russell puts "saw Ronnie talking to Braden" and "Braden is suddenly pissier" together and confronts Ronnie in the supply room, all but accusing him of tipping Braden off. Ronnie denies everything, even in the face of Russell shining his Manson lamps up at him from under his plaid newsboy cap. The two of them leave and go to sit down at the table. Ronnie keeps selling it, pretending to be pissed that this got out. Russell pulls Jessie into the supply room and says he still suspects Ronnie of playing both sides. He DRs that Ronnie is guilty of bad game play. For once, I have to agree with Russell. Thanks a lot, Ronnie.

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