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A long segment on Nick and Mike's weightlifting is once again surprisingly funny, thanks to commentary from Dustin and Zach. It's very weird seeing people trying to be funny on purpose and actually being funny. I'm very much on the fence regarding Nick, who would need a smaller upper body in order for me to find him particularly attractive, but as I said, I think this is where you find the non-suck in this season.

Aaaaand showmance! Nick and Daniele are flirting, and the word "booger" is part of the deal, so that's not particularly promising. Somebody forgot to give Nick the "don't say 'booger'" lesson. Nick teases Daniele repeatedly as they snuggle together that he's going to give her something he's hiding in his hand, and after an endless dance, it turns out to be something he calls "the key to [his] heart," which is actually the key to his suitcase. Miss Alli's Sister, totally on a roll, dubs the scene "Romance For People With IQs Under 50." This assessment may be a little bit overly generous.

Kail tries to talk Jen into nominating Jessica. There's not a lot of substance. It's like watching blocks of cheese play checkers.

In the week's first competition for food, all the women plus Joe go up against all the rest of the men. The game requires people to go head-to-head in a Name That Tune-style game in which you have to guess what two ingredients are in a pie. Losers eat slop. They will probably welcome it after some of these pies. Evil Dick vs. Jameka: Jameka gets a bacon and banana pie, which she successfully names. Amber inaccurate identifies pineapple and potato as lemon and potato. Eric gets sausage and apple, which he misses by calling it Spam and fig. Way to go, "America's Player." Jessica gets a hot dog and strawberry pie, which she calls Spam and pomegranate. Wrong! Zach gets pepperoni and mint -- and he comes close with venison and mint. But not! Jessica gets carrot and cheese right. Evil gets sweet potato and licorice right. Amber can barely eat a salmon and blueberry pie, because it is enormously disgusting, but she correctly identifies it. Kail mistakes hamburger and peach for black bean and peach, so that's wrong. It also upsettingly calls to mind Rachel's famous English Trifle including the layer of Beef Sautéed With Peas And Onions. Nick correctly nails tuna and jelly beans. I realize that sound gross along multiple axes, and I apologize. Joe misses his next one, sending the blue team into the lead. Daniele is up for the girls/Joe team on the match point pie, and she guesses pickle and tofu, which is wrong. It was pickle and clams. That's sort of sad that the pickle pie was so revolting that she couldn't taste that it had fish in it. So the girls and Joe are on slop for the week. Daniele will now only get thinner. Dick is kind of sad for Daniele, but on the other hand, he's undoubtedly happy to be eating. Blood is thicker than water, but it is not thicker than slop, after all.

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