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Eric gets his information from the public, this time regarding who he should target for eviction. He doesn't seem happy to see that we want him to target Jessica. I think he believes that we're wasting his awesomeness. Eric sucks up to us for a while about how much he wants to do our bidding (I normally like that in a person), and he marches himself right up to the HoH room and starts to bend Jen's ear about how he thinks Jessica is up to no good. He doesn't come up with a particularly good ruse, in that he pretty much tells her, "I have no reason, but I just have this feeling you should nominate Jessica." Unsurprisingly, Eric's meritless arguments don't even work on Jen. That's sort of how you know they're meritless.

Jen chats up Nick, who is incredibly noncommittal, and who tells her to do whatever she wants. "You're a grown woman," he says dismissively. He does not mean this. He should give her a key to his heart -- I've heard that works pretty well. He's probably got several. She essentially begs him to tell her he's not with Daniele, and he doesn't really want to say much. He insists that he has lots of buds, and she insists that it's "hanging out" in the "HANGING OUT" sense. He insists in return that he's not "having sexual intercourse" with Daniele, which is more explicit than I expected him to be. Jen tells him that she's considering putting up the most "negative" people, and she says Nick is "negative" himself. She clearly expects him to beg her not to put him up, and she's not really ready for the big "whatever" he unloads on her. I think Nick is pretty much of a meat sack so far, but I do like the fact that he has mastered the art of saying nothing and letting people drive themselves crazy instead of doing it for them.

Jen makes a big mistake when she walks in from a shower (it seems) and breaks up a perfectly nice rest session in one of the bedrooms, driving the men who are sleeping there from their beds, which seems to surprise her. That's quite a room-clearing effect she's got. Normally, that would require flatulence. She stays in the bedroom at first, and more talk in the kitchen follows about how self-involved Jen is, led this time by Evil Dick. Brimming with the affirmation of others, Evil Dick heads in to see Jen, telling her flat-out to stop being such a selfish bitch. He's all plumped up with the agreement of the rest of the house, thinking he's going to be everyone's hero, but this is usually the kind of thing that does not pay off in the long term. You'll notice that the Zach/Mike/Dustin group didn't find it necessary to do any of this to Jen's face, because they understand the fundamental unchangeability of a personality like that. Dick, on the other hand, goes for confrontation, ordering Jen to think of others and stop talking about herself, and he stalks off and leaves. Jen tries to look unconcerned, but she's fooling no one, because nobody likes to be that person, no matter how cool they're playing it.

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