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Shell Game

Group Chenterview. Julie starts by asking Jordan what it was like to be partnered with Rachel. Jordan says she never gets bored, which is pretty diplomatic of her. Julie's next question is to Kalia, about her reaction to Pandora's Box. Kalia says she originally hoped it was worth it for Porsche, but of course doesn't mention that she got a chunk of cash out of it too. Julie asks Shelly what her week was like, giving her a chance to filibuster about how much she hated hurting Jordan. Finally there's an extra-insipid question to Adam, who says he's fine hanging out with all the girls, and only misses his appletinis and 90210. And after an even more boring answer from Rachel about what she thinks Brendon's reaction to Daniele's arrival at the jury house will, we're at the jury house, watching Brendon for ourselves.

So we get to see Brendon, clearly going even more nuts in the house alone for a week, playing ping pong by himself (which is not a metaphor as far as I know) and hoping Daniele will show up next. Which she does. They hug, and sit down so Daniele can tell Brendon how Jeff won HoH and backdoored her. They sit down and watch the DVD of last week's Veto competition with the Zingbot (you know, the one Shelly threw), followed by Daniele's eviction. Brendon asks Daniele if she wants Jeff to show up next. While waiting for the next evictee, Daniele tells Brendon that she hopes it's Adam, because of how much he sucks up to Jeff, but we all know who's next. "Shocker!" Daniele catchphrases when Jeff joins them in the kitchen.

We come back to the jury house and see Jeff's arrival. He and Daniele bicker about which of their evictions was karma, and then Jeff updates them on how it was a double eviction and Shelly voted him out. Daniele gloats, "I love my alliance. That's rad." Brendon says that maybe their alliance could have done better if they'd stuck together, Daniele.

So then they watch the DVD of Kalia winning HoH and then nominating Jeff and Rachel. And then they watch the PoV competition, in which Jeff threw one of the clown shoes he was looking for clean out of his bin without ever seeing it, which cost him the competition. Then they rewatch Jeff's eviction. "Well, I was feeling better," he says. Clowns have been (more) ruined for him for life, so I think we can probably look forward to Jeff's bitter future looking like Ben Stiller at the end of Dodgeball. Jeff's still pissed at Shelly for backstabbing him, and the three jurors speculate about who won HoH after Jeff's exit, and who will be the next to join them. Which of course we already know. It's like dramatic irony without the drama.

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