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The Ousted One Outs

Julie breaks the news, and Andrew hugs and shakes hands with almost everyone, while the lone exception mutters, "Eight-zero, not for nothin'." Stay classy, Kristen. He pauses at the door to give everyone a mazel tov .

Out in the studio, Julie tells Andrew, "Wow, that was the best last plea speech I've ever seen." Has she seen many? Oh, except for how it didn't work, as Julie says. Andrew says it's because they're all sticking together. No, Andrew, it's because you're a loon. Julie asks him why he didn't try to blackmail Hayden and Kristen. Because it never occurred to him, obviously, although he pretends like the thought about it. Andrew says he thought this way would force them to make their own decisions, "but obviously it didn't." Uh, yeah it did. Julie asks if he regrets trying to hide his friendship with Brendon, and he blames Hayden and Kristen for how that went wrong. Julie asks Andrew about his initial suspicions about Matt's wife's alleged disease. Andrew says he didn't know about the disease and will have to look it up, so Julie informs him that it's a real disease, but Matt's wife doesn't have it. Andrew laughs that Matt just became the saboteur. Sterling timing as always, Andrew.

Farewell messages. "I can't help but feel partly responsibly for you being home right now," Matt says. Well, derr. But he is right about Andrew digging his own grave, even if Matt gave him the shovel and the plot. Kristen blames Andrew for his lack of communication. Brendon thanks him for taking the risk of being his friend, and Kathy says she hated sharing the block with him. And Rachel hollers, as she does to every evictee every week, "Ain't nobody gonna get between me and my man!" Yikes, she really does not know how that sounds, does she? Especially three times in a row. Hayden compliments Andrew on his faith, and Julie tells Andrew farewell. "I hope I did it proud, everybody," Andrew says, nakedly pandering for applause. The audience is as quiet as if he tore up a picture of the pope.

Time for the HoH competition. It's got a quiz show-slash-boxing theme, and for each question the players have to guess whether the answer is HoH, Have-Have-Not, or PoV. So it's a multiple-choice quiz show. Hayden and Britney are going up against each other first. Hayden wins the first question, which is about yesterday's PoV competition, so Britney's out. He gets to pick the next two players, and he names Brendon and Rachel, because that way one of them will be out in the next round no matter what. Rachel wins the question, and she picks Kristen and Hayden. Oooh! Somebody didn't discount Andrew's accusations. Kristen wins that one, and picks Kathy and Rachel. Kathy makes a wrong guess, and after a few seconds of muted volume while Rachel freaks, Julie tells Rachel, "Keep it clean" and tells her to pick the next two. She picks Kristen and Enzo, and the former wins, picking Rachel and Ragan to face off. Rachel wins a third round, and Julie tells Rachel to pick the next two. "Kristen and Lane," Rachel says, because they're the only two left. "Silly me," Julie says. Lane wins, which means it's down to him and Rachel. And Rachel wins HoH for the second time in four weeks, then begins crying in Brendon's arms.

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