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Julie turns to is to tell us about a "new twist." Except it's Pandora's Box, which is not new. "And a new saboteur could be released into the Big Brother game," she reports. Excellent, because the last one worked out so well. It's another America's Vote, and this time we actually do get to vote on who it's going to be. But the person can take it or leave it, and since the offer is only $20,000 to survive the next two weeks, I don't know if anyone will take it. Some of these people might just be stupid enough, so keep that in mind as you vote, America!

Julie plugs the upcoming week of shows, including the news that we'll find out who's getting he saboteur offer on Thursday. And now it's time for the eavesdropping, which is usually incredibly boring, but this week finds Kristen and Rachel in mid-argument while everyone else looks uncomfortable. Kristen yells that she knew that Rachel was already going to nominate Hayden and herself, and Rachel says, "Maybe I wasn't, maybe I will now. Thanks for making my mind up for me," That shuts Kristen up. What, she didn't learn anything from Andrew about fighting with people who can send you home? If she doesn't make peace with Rachel fast, she's in danger of actually being visible on Sunday's episode.

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