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Interview time. I can't decide which is my favorite part of my interview: when Julie brings up the mystery of Justin Sane's exodus and Krusta makes the classic "shit, did I drink too much and have sex with some stranger...again?" face, or when Krusta rolls her eyes at Nicole's faux tears in the Diary Room. Nicole is my crazy evil puppetmaster girlfriend and all, but her eviction day tears are phony-baloney nine times out of ten. I have to tell you, Krusta handles the interview with Julie quite well, explaining Laken's absence by saying that she wants to get her head back on straight before she sees her daughter. I guess that could be read as a euphemism for "I want to party before I have to be responsible again," but I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt this time. Because, you know, it's late in the recap and I'm all soft by this point. Finally, Julie brings out Krusta's brother, and fucking Boogie, who totally horns in on Krusta's reunion with her bro. CBS cuts away before Boogie breaks into a rap, thank God.

And that's it. No HoH this week. Also, no Thursday episode. Yeah, basically, I have no idea what's happening with the schedule this week. Or, you know, ever.

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