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It's On!

Will cackles that he's talking Nicole into not trusting Hardly. This pleases him.

Krusta says some more that she's ready to leave.

"If she's a voluntary exit, can we still vote for [It'sOnica]?" Bunky asks. Will stares at him. "You're being the evil doctor!" he says. "Does this mean I have to be gay?"

It'sOnica is already packing her stuff. Nicole sees this, and rolls her eyes. She's gonna pull something if she keeps up her grueling eye-rolling schedule.

Nicole goes in to talk to Hardly. "I'm thinking I don't know what the hell [It'sOnica]'s talking about, as usual," she says. I love all this "It'sOnica makes no sense" talk. I can only imagine what the producers in the walls are saying. They're all sitting around, watching the houseguests, and I get the impression that every time It'sOnica says something, they all just look at each other and shrug. Hardly and Nicole agree that they have to get rid of Krusta, even if It'sOnica is driving them totally insane. Which, of course, she is.

Will and Nicole confab in the living room. "Don't you want to make [It'sOnica] stay? She's already packed her bags," Nicole says. "Yeah, that would be cool," Will laughs. He's feeling bad about voting out Krusta, though. She likes them, he points out. "And that's good, how?" Nicole snorts. Nicole is so fucking smooth. She's, like, the Amanda Woodward of the Big Brother house, all controlling everyone in her path, all manipulating everyone for her own purposes. I love that. I guess, of course, this analogy makes Will Dr Michael Mancini -- who was, by the way, my favorite of the Melrose Place characters, which I suppose goes a long way to explaining my fascination/lurve of Evil, Evil Will. And, of course, Bunky, as the token gay guy, is Matt. And Hardly is certainly Billy: good-looking, but constantly slack-jawed. And Krusta is Allison, since she had a tempestuous relationship with Hardly/Billy, and has serious problems with booze. And It'sOnica is clearly Kimberly, since she's crazy, and she wears wigs. Wow, I'm rather proud of that analogy. Anyway, Will tries to curry favor for Krusta, saying that she might help them get rid of Hardly later. Nicole astutely points out that if Krusta stays and gets HoH, Nicole is gone. Will suggests that they run the same risk with It'sOnica, but Nicole makes the salient point that if they can't beat It'sOnica in an HoH competition, they deserve to get booted. Will laughs. "I like that mentality. I didn't think of it that way," he says. "We have to get HoH back to back to back to back," he points out. Nicole: "Duh." Will sits there for a sec, and then wonders if Nicole could nominate Hardly. She says she could. "That's so fucked up! I love it!" Will crows.

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