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America's Choice. The houseguests are going to get something for the back yard. Everyone agrees that if they get Bunky's choice -- green grass -- they will strangle him. They're going to shave his entire body if they get grass, they say. This doesn't seem like a very good punishment, since Bunky's totally into it. He'll even let them shave his head, he says.

The next morning, America has chosen: there is a trampoline set up in the back yard. Will is beside himself with glee. "Thank you, America!" he squeals in the Diary Room. "I am ready to jump on a trampoline! Trampoline! Trampoline! Trampoline!" Dudes, these people have a hot tub, and a pool, and a trampoline. What the hell are they all complaining about all the time? Peanut butter and jelly? I'm eating peanut butter and jelly right now.

Gawd, more filler. Can I just fast-forward past a lengthy farewell to Ophelia? I'm going to.

So, Nicole goes and tells Hardly that she was very angry with him about the whole UT thing, and, in fact, she's still sort of pissed. Hardly swears that his allegiance is now only to her, 100%. He's all caressing his own pecs as he tells her this, which is, I guess, equivalent to swearing on the Holy Bible, as far as Hardly is concerned. Nicole informs Hardly that he has to win HoH the next week. He nods. And they have to get rid of Krusta. Again, Hardly agrees.

Apparently, Will doesn't really want to vote to evict Krusta, but he's scared to cross Nicole. He broaches the subject gingerly, but Nicole refuses to let him cast a sympathy vote. Nicole points out that she wanted to cast a sympathy vote for Autumn and Kent, and that she didn't get to do it. Will reluctantly agrees to toe the party line.

Monday Meeting. The most civilized Monday meeting ever. No rampages. No screaming. No finger pointing. Man, I'm so disappointed. Both Krusta and It'sOnica are pretty calm. That's so boring! Why isn't it on? Turn it on!

Thursday. You thought Tuesday had filler? I don't know why CBS isn't cutting back to half-hour shows, like they promised me, because this week is just full of boring crap, occasionally punctuated by highly entertaining mania. Looks like Julie is sticking to her cute/ugly/cute sartorial schedule, because she looks super-cute in her black pants and lime green top. Julie tells us that the houseguests are going to be doing the voting live tonight. That sounds exciting and all, but it really just made this episode peculiarly structured.

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