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In the storage room, Jessie and Memphis crow about his big win, and then he joins Libra, Michelle, and Ollie for a quiet little celebration that they break up the moment Angie comes in. As for Dan, he is ready to be nominated, and warns Steven that he might be a target as well (spoiler!).

Libra and April strategize in the bedroom. They mention Steven and Angie as ideal nominees for their purposes, but they remember that Jessie hates Renny. Michelle joins the conversation, and is on board with the plan.

Jessie shows off his HoH room, which is full of bodybuilding photos of him that he points out to everyone in loving detail. Literally, he's, like, drawing their attention to fibers and shit. After a few minutes of this, they notice on the HoH monitor that Steven didn't come up, and is in fact hanging out down in the kitchen. Well, perhaps he just doesn't trust himself. That kind of puts a damper on the festivities, and after the party breaks up, the only ones left up there with Jessie are Libra, April, Michelle, Memphis, and Ollie. Jessie says right off that he plans to nominate Renny. Everyone piles on him about what a dumb idea that is. And hey, they've just noticed that they're missing an alliance member. Where's Keesha? Downstairs, complaining to Angie about April. And back upstairs, Jessie still has his hard-on for nominating Renny, but his friends are all on the Anybody But Renny train. I wouldn't have expected that train to be so crowded.

In the backyard, Jerry divulges to Angie and Libra that his wife has Parkinson's, and he has sworn to never put her in a nursing home no matter what. How does his going away for three months fit into that plan? Before long, all three of them are sitting there crying, and Jerry DRs that he's going to stick with his wife until the end. As soon as he gets back from being on TV for three months.

Steven is apparently out of the closet in the house. We see him discussing it with Dan and Keesha, and he DRs that as far as he knows, everyone n the house knows and hasn't said anything to him. Steven talks to Dan and Keesha about it and thus becomes Dan's First Gay Friend. I'm not going to recap the whole thing with Steven calmly answering questions and Dan becoming less ignorant through exposure to a real live gay, because if you've ever seen reality television before you know how it goes.

Angie asks for a one-on-one with Jessie in the HoH room. She says she doesn't want there to be weirdness between them, and Jessie self-righteously accuses her of aligning herself with Brian like it was some heinous crime. The longer she tries to talk to him reasonably and calmly, the pissier he gets. He should really stop boasting about how he's a 100% natural body builder, because if he were on steroids at least he would have an excuse for the way he acts all the time.

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