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Jiltin' Joe

Kail apparently goes straight from her conversation with Dick to...the HoH room? (Sorry, this is the first episode this season that I've seen, and if that is the HoH, it's weirdly Spartan.) Anyway, she tells Mike, who's chilling on the bed, that they need to oust Dick, and further DRs that she needs to line up five votes for Dick so that Jen can break the tie. Kail hisses to Mike that they might be able to convince Daniele that she'd have a better time in the game if her dad were gone and she wasn't suffering from that tension; Mike agrees that it might work.

Kail then gets a quiet moment with Daniele (and Jameka, who of course says nothing) in the living room, and starts yammering about how great she thinks Daniele is -- "How much you've overcame [sic]" -- and how the one thing Dick did right as a father was to leave Daniele with his parents. In the DR, Daniele comments that Kail is one of the most paranoid people in the house right now: "I know what she's doing. She's campaigning against my dad." You think? I was about to make fun of how bad Kail is at being sly...but she almost was, if Daniele thinks she's cracked the Enigma code by seeing through it.

Later, everyone's outside when Daniele comes out to tell Dick that Kail's been turning the house against him. She keeps muttering at him not to say anything until the next day, so that it's not obvious that she tipped him off,, maybe she could have picked a time to say something to him when Kail wasn't right there. Anyway, Dick says he's going to call Kail out.

Later, in the kitchen, Kail urges Mike and Nick to vote out Dick, and seriously, she's acting like it's a matter of national security. Nick DRs that he doesn't have a problem with either of the week's nominees, and doesn't really want to vote out either of them.

The next day (let's say), Jameka, Jessica, Dustin, Eric, Mike, and Kail are sitting around the kitchen eating breakfast when Dick decides to make his big move on Kail. He kicks off by asking how the rest of the houseguests reacted when she started campaigning against him, and that he heard it wasn't well-received. Just as this conversation is getting underway, of course, Daniele crosses through the kitchen to go lie out, not looking at anyone and with a giant thought bubble over her head that reads "JUST ACT NATURAL." Anyway, Kail's initial strategy is to say that she told Dick on the hammock that she would tell him if she changed her mind about her vote, but he's all "we had an agreement about it," so she gives up on that and instead starts tidying up, chirpily agreeing with everything he says and trying not to engage with him. Dick's all "Tell them the truth" this, and "you can't be trusted" that, and Kail pastes on her smile as she works way too hard at seeming unconcerned. And everyone else in the room, by the way, just sits there, not even looking at each other, possibly because they're afraid they're going to start laughing about how ridiculous this is. Anyway, Dick finally vents his spleen and takes off, and Kail is like, "WE HAVE FIVE VOTES RIGHT HERE!!!!!1!" Jameka says that she's still on the fence, and Jessica DRs that she's torn too, because Dick is annoying to live with. And look at.

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