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Jiltin' Joe

More DR comments. Mike would take Dick out of the house because he causes "outbursts" that are uncomfortable for the other UN delegates who make up the roster of houseguests. Amber is "more closer [sic]" to Dick, who helped her out a lot last week. Joe is more of a threat to Zach than Dick is. Personality-wise, Jameka would miss Joe more than Dick. Zach, kind of awesomely, says that Dick has said he's not even playing the game, but Zach has caught him playing the game "all over the place." ...No comment. Jameka still doesn't know whom she's going to vote for. Mike says that the only reason to keep Joe in the house is that then Dick would be gone. Can't put anything past this guy!

Oh God, now it's time for Julie to talk to Jen. How does Jen really feel about Dick? Jen actually thinks they're a lot alike, except that Dick has a more explosive personality, so her strategy for coping with that is to be sweet and friendly back to him. What's the deal with Jen and her photo on the memory wall? It's a horrible photo! Did Jen nominate Daniele because she was jealous of all the attention Nick was paying her? Jen says no. I don't quite believe her.

Live voting! Soon! First, Joe and Dick are dancing for their lives. Joe says that it's been wonderful getting to know all his fellow houseguests. Now is the time for them to "take action" and prove that they're as good as their word. It's a very important vote, because they'll be losing one of two great guys, and Joe hopes everyone does what they said they were going to. Dick and his weirdly high-waisted jeans also say it's been great getting to know everyone; he hopes to get to know them better. He throws in a half-assed non-joke about how introverted he's been so far (which earns a polite chuckle), and he hopes everyone can get to know him better. Kind of a weird note to end on, if the voters are like, "Nah, I'm good."

Dustin is first to vote. Surprise, he votes to evict Joe. I don't know whom he's trying to impress with the super-deep v-neck, but he needs to throw that top away or get a camisole.

Will Daniele's vote be emotional (because she kind of hates Dick) or strategic (because he's her strongest ally)? If those are the choices, she's going to be strategic, voting against Joe.

Eric goes through the motions of voting. Julie asks what he thinks of the weather, and he replies that it's beautiful: "And remember, Julie, you can't spell 'America' without 'Eric.'" That poor chump sat on that line all week. You know he was practising it in the bathroom to make sure he didn't need a retake on live television.

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