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Jiltin' Joe

After the commercials, it's the HoH competition -- this time, with a lame "school" theme. The houseguests are all at little elementary-school desks, each with a T/F cube. Answer wrong, you're out; if everyone answers right or wrong, on to the next question. WOW, Amber is bitchfaced. Dustin's out in the first round with a question about what Carol said when she got evicted. Jameka, Eric, Zach, and Jessica are eliminated with a math question about the butter competition. The third question is about the animal topiaries in the back yard at the house -- are they based on Michelangelo's "Garden Of Eden" sculptures? Uh, no, KAIL -- and Julie rubs it in by adding that there are no Garden Of Eden sculptures by Michelangelo. Like Julie knew that. Amber and Nick are eliminated on a question about some stupid thing Jen said about guess what her unitard. Daniele, Dick, and Mike are left to answer the last question, about the pie competition. Daniele guesses wrong, and starts to mouth "fuck" before she catches herself, but it doesn't matter, because Dick and Mike also got it wrong. There's another question about guess what Jen's unitard, and they all get it right, so it's on to a tiebreaker about guess what Jen's FUCKING unitard! What is UP with the UNITARD?! Even Jen, on the sidelines, can't believe it's such a topic of conversation. Was it stitched by hand by Les Moonves or something? Damn. Anyway, Dick guesses that Jen's had the unitard for 120 hours, and since she's actually had it for 125 (Daniele is over; Mike is under), Dick is the new HoH. Kail? Not that great at fake-smiling.

After commercials, we're told we get to tell Eric which houseguest he should try to get nominated, and then we're eavesdropping on the houseguests, not that anything interesting happens. I mean, we see Daniele hugging Kail, who apparently started crying during the break, but...even if we hadn't seen it, we probably could have guessed.

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