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Veto-victorious Lisa says she thinks it will be fun to make some people squirm this week. More generally, she says that since Eric left and she found out that Chiara had screwed her, she's become much more ruthless. To wit, she drags Kiki out of the living room for a convo in the HoH room. Her purpose is basically to reassure Kiki that she isn't holding a grudge, because last week was last week. Chiara starts to justify herself again, and Lisa basically tells her not to bother -- all she can do is say something that's going to make Lisa regret forgiving her. In the diary room, Lisa says that it is a common characteristic of liars that they give too much information. Back in the HoH room, an undeterred Kiki continues to explain to Lisa why voting to evict her wasn't really Kiki's fault. Again, Chiara refers to this conversation with Lisa as "making amends," and I'm just really not sure she knows what "making amends" means. Chiara diary-rooms that she hopes this conversation will "open the doors for [them] to be friends." Oh, I don't think so, my dear. "I don't know how to tell Kiki to stop lying to me," Lisa diary-rooms with a chuckle.

More anti-Chiara sentiments are on the rise in the Big Bed Room, which has apparently been taken over by Marcellas, Danielle, and Lisa. They discuss what a big liar Chiara has turned out to be, and they also agree that getting Roddy out is key to declawing Kiki. Hmm.

The houseguests spend some time ruminating about the whole returning-houseguest scenario. Gerry and Kiki talk while they squeeze-dry some towels. They both think it sucks. Kiki thinks (unsurprisingly enough) that it would be okay if Eric came back, just not anybody else. Later, she asks Lisa if Lisa misses Eric, and Lisa says she does. Jason, in a chat with Roddy, Dani, and Gerry, can't stop babbling happily about how cool it will be just to see someone who's seen the outside world since early July. Marcellas talks quite nicely about Amy and how much he misses her, and how much easier it was to be in the house when he had someone there that he could just be close to and be friends with. Roddy thinks it's going to be tough for anyone except Eric to "fit in again." Just his objective opinion, of course. Josh chimes in that if Tonya comes back, the women will all turn into castrating, anti-male bitches. Because of Tonya? Please. Josh's fear and loathing of women grows ever more creepy.

Time for America's Choice. The houseguests get a microwave. Yay, radiation! The one highlight is that as the segment begins to run on the plasma screen, several of them snap and wiggle to that hideous light-FM theme music in a way that clearly indicates how much they hate it. I'll give them a point for that. We get relatively modest product placement, in that no one actually tells you what brand of microwave popcorn the microwave is filled with when they get it. The other highlight is that the microwave comes with a clock, which they set using a spontaneously-determined, somewhat random time that is probably accurate within...two hours or so. They appear to spend the next several hours scarfing popcorn.

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